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Security platform or best of breed? There’s only one answer

How limited resources and the software as a service (SaaS) sales culture force security professionals into a best of breed strategy for infrastructure.

artificial intelligence / machine learning

AWS raises machine learning expectations for cloud security

AWS's new GuardDuty and Macie offerings unleash the power of machine learning to secure your data. Are they right for your enterprise?

crystal ball

A few cybersecurity predictions for 2018

Look for cloud computing chaos, high-end services, technology consolidation/integration, machine learning ubiquity, and a GDPR mess.

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3 little known secrets about cloud security

What every security professional should consider when it comes to fortifying cloud security.


Redefining perimeter network security: The future is a hybrid

As information pushes further into the cloud, the role of perimeter security is changing. It will become part of a multifaceted solution for network security.

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AWS pushes into the trillion-dollar cybersecurity market

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enters the cybersecurity market with the debut of its Amazon GuardDuty service.

ransomware hack

2018: The year of advanced threat prevention

In 2018, leading organizations will adopt new technologies to help them decrease the attack surface and block attacks in real time.

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Is it time for continuous ‘IV&V’ to ensure cloud security?

Operating securely in the cloud requires a strong and independent security organization that is well equipped to detect and remediate threats in real-time. This requires adequate levels of funding, tooling and empowerment to ensure...

pentagon dc

Pentagon contractor spied on social media, left data unsecured in cloud

Researcher discovered three unsecured AWS storage buckets containing at least 1.8 billion scraped social media posts collected as part of military web monitoring program.

it skills gap

Acute cybersecurity skills shortage areas

Security analysts/investigators, application security specialists, and cloud security skills top a long list of skills deficits.

Tools on wood table

Make sure you pick the right security tools for the cloud

Organizations must evolve beyond on-premises security mentalities and address the emerging demands of the cloud. Not doing so will hinder migration, deteriorate security posture and cost money and time.

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Research confirms the cybersecurity skills shortage is an existential threat

ESG research with ISSA shows that organizations don’t have the right levels of cybersecurity personnel, skills and ongoing training to keep up with cyber risk.

Internet of things face

The internet of identities is coming and will bring massive IAM changes

New demands for scale, security and machine learning will support massive proliferation of internet-connected devices.

lg v30 camera hold

Image management in identity management: a picture paints a thousand words

Image management can give us the tools to secure and optimize image-based PII.

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

5 questions to ask your CEO about cybersecurity

Why you need to go beyond compliance.

cloud security ts

How companies are ‘stumbling’ into cloud through digital transformation

And what that means to you and me...

ddos attack

Blockchain startup: 300,000 DDoS attacks will cause $150B in damages this year

Blockchain startup Gladius projects we'll see 300,000 DDoS attacks and $150 billion in damage costs in 2017.

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The push toward comprehensive endpoint security suites

Traditional and next-generation vendors offer suites for endpoint protection, detection and response. But what’s needed, and will customers buy?

robot gear automation

Best practice: Security operations automation before orchestration

Start by automating simple security operations tasks and then proceed with re-engineering and orchestrating processes.

state of infosec 2018 intro

Information security, 2018: What we have here is a failure to plan

Information security increasingly has a place in corporate leadership, but plenty of companies are still failing to make the plans they need to keep up.

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