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Intel bets big on security as a service for confidential computing

At its inaugural Vision event, Intel launched a security as a service initiative called Project Amber for confidential computing in the cloud, and outlined its support for secure and responsible AI and quantum-resistant cryptography....

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Progress launches Chef Cloud Security to extend DevSecOps to cloud-native assets

The software provider has also enhanced its underlying security and compliance mechanism Chef InSpec with new features.

Cloud Security

Wrongly configured Google Cloud API potentially creates dangerous functionality

Misconfiguration of the Google Cloud Platform API could create an exploitable behavior that leads to service compromise.

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Firms struggling with non-person identities in the cloud

Enterprises turning to cloud identity governance, cloud infrastructure entitlements management. and AI-driven investigation, behavioral detection programs to treat cloud security ailments.

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New SDP 2.0 specification facilitates zero-trust maturity

The Cloud Security Alliance's Software-Defined Perimeter 2.0 specification creates a path to a zero-trust approach through strong access controls.

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The cloud security emperor has no pants

“Shared responsibility” usually means that no one is responsible for minding the gap. Don’t fall in.

cloud security / data protection / encryption / security transition

Verica launches Prowler Pro solution to enhance AWS security

Verification vendor Verica and Prowler creator say enterprise-grade solution provides enhanced cloud security and new open-source tools.

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Managing container vulnerability risks: Tools and best practices

The sooner you can identify vulnerabilities in containers, the better, and this advice on practices and tools can help.

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Qualys Multi-Vector EDR update prioritizes alert response

The latest version of the Qualys Multi-Vector EDR tool includes additional threat-hunting and risk mitigation capabilities, improving alert prioritization and reducing the time needed to respond to threats.

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Keeping secrets in a devsecops cloud-native world

Good secrets management practices can help identify and mitigate the risk to credentials, access keys, certificates and other sensitive data.

cloud security / data protection / encryption / security transition

Palo Alto launches cloud-native firewall service for AWS

Cloud NGFW for AWS enables organizations to shift security responsibility to Palo Alto, allowing them to speed cloud innovation while remaining secure, the vendor says.

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New open-source tool tackles pesky access denial messages in AWS

Access Undenied will take a CloudTrail event with an 'Access Denied' outcome and tell you how to fix it.

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ExtraHop adds heat map to its AWS cloud-native security solution

Reveal(x) 360 uses AI and machine learning to give security teams real-time information on cyberattacks.

IBM service aims to secure multicloud operations

IBM’s new Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate multiple security key-management systems into a single managed service that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.

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Preparing Microsoft cloud networks for regional disruptions

The Ukrainian crisis shows has heightened awareness of risks to cloud infrastructure affected by political or natural disasters.

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Nearly 70% of tested ServiceNow instances leaking data

The blame lies with customer misconfigurations, not flaws in the SaaS platform.

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Google acquires Mandiant to enhance Google Cloud security suite

With Mandiant, Google Cloud will deliver an end-to-end security operations suite with greater capabilities and advisory services at every stage of the security lifecycle.

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Critical flaws in APC uninterruptible power supplies poses risks to mission-critical devices

Attackers can exploit cloud-connected APC Smart-UPS units to take control of the devices they protect.

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