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Black Hat 2015

The CSO guide to top security conferences

CSO Online’s calendar of upcoming security conferences makes it easy to find the events that matter the most to you.

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Mingis on Tech: How networking will evolve in 2018

From Cisco's plans for intent-based networking to SD-WAN, IoT and 5G pilot programs, the networking industry is growing and changing by leaps and bounds. Here's what's likely to be top of mind in the industry this year.

supercell cloud

The dirty dozen: 12 top cloud security threats for 2018

More data and applications are moving to the cloud, which creates unique infosecurity challenges. Here are the "Treacherous 12," the top security threats organizations face when using cloud services.

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Zero Trust networks and enterprise security strategy | Salted Hash Ep 12

Executives at cloud services vendor Akamai -- David Lewis, global security advocate; Andy Ellis, CSO; and Charlie Gero, CTO -- talk with host Steve Ragan about the evolving role of security in the enterprise.

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The countdown for GDPR and the cloud

By May 2018, companies of all sizes will need to ensure the efficacy of their cloud security capabilities. To address the operational challenges associated with achieving GDPR compliance, most organizations will need to undergo...

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Is it time for continuous ‘IV&V’ to ensure cloud security?

Operating securely in the cloud requires a strong and independent security organization that is well equipped to detect and remediate threats in real-time. This requires adequate levels of funding, tooling and empowerment to ensure...

yogesh and danielle

Digital is the new shiny spoon: Danielle Di Masi Digital is the new shiny spoon: Danielle Di Masi

CIO India's Yogesh Gupta talks with Danielle Di Masi, Digital communications & marketing strategist, about digital adoption and human and technology balance.

yogesh gupta with arvind gupta

Decoding Digital India: Arvind Gupta

CIO India's Yogesh Gupta talks to Arvind Gupta, Co-founder, Digital India Foundation, on how India is progressing on the path of digitization coupled with government initiatives.

evan goldberg

NetSuite co-founder Evan Goldberg talks strategy

One year after Oracle acquired the company he helped create, Evan Goldberg sits down to talk strategy.

Jerry Kennelly, Riverbed CEO

How does SD-WAN work?

Learn about the latest networking technology, SD-WAN, which uses policy-based rules to orchestrate applications routing in the cloud. Jerry Kennelly, CEO of Riverbed, describes the functionality and benefits.

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How companies are ‘stumbling’ into cloud through digital transformation

And what that means to you and me...

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Achieving compliance on cloud requires perspective change

Traditional mindset to achieve compliance on cloud is the biggest hurdle organizations face and to overcome the same requires a perspective change.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger: 'Containers are cool'

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about open source and container technology.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about recent cloud announcements

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about the company's recent cloud announcements, as well as future global availability.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger on edge computing, the latest trend in decentralization

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about edge computing, including a consistent and secure management strategy.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about VMware's strategy and partnerships

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks with IDG Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr about the company's strategy, future initiatives and new partnerships.

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Symantec sells its problem SSL unit to DigiCert for $1B

Symantec has found a way to make a dispute with Google over the validity of its TLS and SSL website certificates go away -- and get paid almost US$1 billion in the process.

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Risk aware IAM for an insecure world

In a world full of uncertainties and data breaches, IDaaS providers must deliver more than ever, faster than ever, for businesses to succeed at building trusted relationships and delighting customers at every interaction.

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