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ACLU: You have every right to photograph that cop

Although we live in a surveillance society of "be afraid" and nearly anything could be considered suspicious activity, you are under video surveillance pretty much anywhere you go. If you turn that around by using a mobile phone to...

Photographers Are NOT Terrorists

If you plan to be out-and-about in public with a camera to attend a parade, visit a park or shopping mall, travel and snap a shot of a state sign, or photograph holiday decoration displays, hopefully you will not be harassed by...

Hybrid DVRs bridge move from analog to IP surveillance

Skipping encoders helps reduce cost of transition to IP-based video systems

Covert investigations 3: covert surveillance setup

Ready to catch your bad guy in the act? Investigations manager Brandon Gregg on how to put the right surveillance equipment in the right place.

Covert Investigations: Cameras

Is covert surveillance a necessary part of your investigation? Lux levels, nanny cams and other camera considerations

I Spy Your PC: Researchers Find New Ways to Steal Data

Researchers have developed a way to read PC monitor reflections in everyday objects like bottles and glasses.

How to build a surveillance camera system

Surveillance camera system tips straight from the CSO

Camera Speed Counts

How many frames per second do you need for your surveillance project? It depends.

Security Measures for Camera Phones

Educate and remind employees about your company's policy on cameras and other audiovisual equipment. Enlist their help to report violations

Camera Phones: Peep Show

As camera phone use rises, so does misuse. A prime spot for sneaky photography appears to be health clubs, where people are often found in various states of undress or physical duress.

Smile, You're on Hidden Camera

Two hours is a considerable distance to drive, especially to scare an errant possum. But, according to Kurt Nelson, IT director at Pacific Pipeline System (PPS), that's how security monitoring used to operate.

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