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6 mspatchtuesday

Security experts weigh in on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for September

Microsoft released 12 security bulletins for the September 2015 Patch Tuesday and security experts shed light on which should be your top priorities to implement.

The Web's ten most dangerous neighborhoods

Wouldn't it be convenient if all the spam and malware sites were all grouped together under one top-level domain -- .evil, say -- so that they would be easy to avoid? According to a new study from Blue Coat, there are in fact ten...

digital advertising

Amazon dumps Flash, and the Web is better off

Amazon will stop accepting Flash ads on its advertising network on Tuesday, and it will help make the entire Web more secure, security experts say.

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Patients must know the perils of online medical research

Doing simple medical searches online can leave consumers vulnerable to a wide range of privacy compromises.


T-Mobile caught in crossfire of war over injected ads

T-Mobile, Citizens Bank, thousands of other innocent companies and millions of users are stuck between shady ad networks and Google, publishers, and legitimate advertisers

Microsoft sign closeup

Researchers disclose four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

Security researchers published limited details about four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has not moved quickly enough to fix them. The flaws could potentially be exploited to execute malicious code on...

Report: Malvertisers now using SSL redirects

Advertising networks have gotten better at spotting malicious downloads embedded into advertisements, so criminals began using redirects, even chains of a dozen redirects or more, to keep their malicious ads from being detected.

patch windows

Microsoft patches Internet Explorer vulnerability offered to Hacking Team

On Tuesday, as part of their monthly updates, Microsoft released a fix for Internet Explorer that addresses twenty-nine different vulnerabilities. One of them is a previously unknown vulnerability offered up to Hacking Team that...

gun laptop ransom

Malvertising reaches record levels in June

Malvertising campaigns have reached more users than ever before, reported security firm Invincea yesterday, with many brand-name websites affected -- including CBS Sports, Yahoo and eBay in the UK, Livestrong, Perez Hilton, Glenn...

no flash

Mozilla blocks Flash on Firefox due to Hacking Team exploits

Mozilla disabled Flash Player within Firefox on Tuesday, adding all versions of the software – including the most recent release – to the browser's blocklist.

Google encryption concept browser

Scammers bypass Google filters with PDF cloaking

Google has cracked down on scammers stuffing webpages full of keywords and useless links, so scammers have moved on to stuffing PDF documents


4 fatal problems with PKI

The Web's security runs on complicated PKI deployments, few of which are implemented correctly, and all of which will soon be at the mercy of Moore's Law

wordpress dot org

Unusual Wordpress attack steals login credentials

Wordpress is a common target for criminals who redirect innocent users to malware download sites -- but a new type of malware steals user login credentials instead.

SSL flaw forces Mozilla to pull Opportunistic Encryption

Less than a week after it was introduced in Firefox 37, Opportunistic Encryption (OE) has been removed by Mozilla due to a flaw that was discovered in their HTTP Alternative Services implementation.

firefox logo

Security experts welcome Firefox encryption move

Security experts welcomed Mozilla's move to add "opportunistic encryption" to its Firefox Web browser, providing unauthenticated encryption over TLS for data that otherwise would have been in the clear.

Wider use of HTTPS could have prevented attack against GitHub

The unique attack method used to disrupt the code-sharing site GitHub over the last week could have been prevented if more websites enabled encryption, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said Wednesday.

Study: One-third of top websites vulnerable or hacked

According to a new report from Menlo Security, one out of three of the top million websites are either vulnerable to hacking or already hacked.

security phishing hook

Domain keywords used to spot phishing sites

Criminals setting up fake domains for phishing are prone to use the same words over and over and spotting those words can help identify malicious sites, according to a new threat detection model from OpenDNS.

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Attackers target subdomains of GoDaddy customers

Attackers have set up around 10,000 malicious subdomains on accounts belonging to GoDaddy customers, according to a new report. The technique, called domain shadowing, first appeared in 2011 but has dramatically grown in popularity in...

Is it possible to determine if your Internet connection has been hijacked?

This post will describe the difference between HTTP and HTTPS connections, as well as what it means to you as you're browsing the Web. After that, we're going to talk about things that can impact HTTPS (e.g. Man-in-the-Middle...

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