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Comodo says they'll abandon Let's Encrypt trademark applications

Comodo, known as one of the world's largest SSL providers, earned the ire of security and privacy advocates this week, after the security firm was revealed to have filed trademark registrations for the term let's encrypt, which...


Safari 10 to turn off Flash by default

Apple is driving another nail in the coffin of Adobe Flash by no longer telling websites that offer both Flash and HTML5 that the plug-in is installed on users' Macs.

swift security breaches

SWIFT asks its customers to help it end a string of high-profile banking frauds

Financial transaction network SWIFT called on its customers Friday to help it end a string of high-profile banking frauds perpetrated using its network.

no flash please

Google aims to block Flash by default for Chrome users, except for 10 white-listed sites

Google aims to make HTML5 the primary experience in Chrome by the fourth quarter of this year, except for a white-list of 10 sites that will run Adobe’s Flash Player.


Mozilla wants US to disclose to it first any vulnerability found in Tor by government hackers

Mozilla has asked a court that it should be provided information on a vulnerability in the Tor browser ahead of it being provided to a defendant in a lawsuit, as the browser is based in part on Firefox browser code.

chrome extensions

Chrome extensions will soon have to tell you what data they collect

Google is making it harder for Chrome extensions to take users' browsing data without them knowing about it, thanks to a new policy the company announced Friday.

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Internet 101: Securing ecommerce and the digital enterprise

Chris Olson, CEO, The Media Trust, talks about security vulnerabilities and how they impact the enterprise from their own website management

Internet Explorer

It's official: Older versions of IE are now at risk

Microsoft this week made good on a 2014 promise and withheld security updates from users of older versions of Internet Explorer.

https certificate secure website

A better way to move past insecure SHA-1 certs

The digital certificate switchover from weak SHA-1 to the vastly stronger SHA-2 promises to be brutal, but a new industry proposal could ease the pain


Chrome for Android blocks access to malware and scam websites

Google has implemented Safe Browsing, the blacklisting technology used to block websites that host malware or scams, in Chrome for Android.

dell xps 13 15

And then there were two: Another dangerous Dell root certificate discovered

After Dell confirmed that one of its support tools installed a dangerous self-signed root certificate and private key on computers, users discovered a similar certificate deployed by a different Dell tool.

victim identity theft computer problem

What you need to know about Dell's root certificate security debacle

In an attempt to provide a more streamlined remote support experience, Dell installed a self-signed root certificate and corresponding private key on its customers' computers, exposing users' encrypted communications to potential...

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Dell support tool responsible for eDellRoot problems

The self-signed root certificate that has left Dell customers at risk was placed on affected systems after an August update to the Dell Foundation Services application.

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Dell puts privacy at risk with dangerous root certificate

Dell has come under fire for shipping PCs with a pre-installed trusted root certificate that can be used to compromise the security of encrypted HTTPS connections. The issue is similar to one Lenovo customers faced after the company...

ten riskiest 00 title

10 risky software that have passed their expiration dates

Applications that have reached the ends of their lives are no longer maintained by their original developers, and do not receive security updates. Keeping them around create a security hole.

Google threatens action against Symantec-issued certificates following botched investigation

Google wants Symantec to publicly disclose all the certificates it issues and to undergo a third-party security audit after an incident involving the CA issuing unauthorized certificates as part of internal testing.

6 mspatchtuesday

Experts warn users to quickly apply Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates

Security experts weigh in on Microsoft Patch Tuesday with advice about which updates are most urgent and what you need to know to protect yourself against exploits.

flash update

Encrypted Flash exploit bypassing vector mitigations

Researchers at Morphisec, have discovered a clever bypass being used by the Nuclear exploit kit when it targets CVE-2015-5560.

expiration date can

Expired certificates cost businesses $15 million per outage

The average global 5,000 company spends about $15 million to recover from the loss of business due to a certificate outage -- and faces another $25 million in potential compliance impact

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Cookie handling in browsers can break HTTPS security

Man-in-the-middle attackers can inject cookies over HTTP connections in order to extract information from encrypted HTTPS traffic.

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