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Malware writers take a page from the spam industry to evade detection

While the volume of cyberthreats declined slightly last year, their sophistication increased, according to a new report from Websense Security Labs


Mandrill warns attack may have exposed some data about email

The transactional email service said it doesn't believe data was stolen


ZeroAccess botnet back in business

After a six-month break the ZeroAccess botnet resumes click-fraud activity

NotCompable sets new standards for mobile botnet sophistication

The NotCompatible mobile malware has reached a new level of sophistication. The malware was first detected in 2012, but the newly discovered variant, NotCompatible.C, is the most complex mobile malware ever seen.


Long-running Android botnet evolves, could pose threat to corporate networks

The 'NotCompatible' Android Trojan now uses peer-to-peer encrypted communication, researchers from Lookout said

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Next year's DDOS attacks to come from Vietnam, India and Indonesia

Vietnam, India and Indonesia are viewed as potential botnet sources in 2015, according to a new report from Black Lotus Communications.


Report: Criminals use Shellshock against mail servers to build botnet

Targeting message transfer agents (MTAs), mail delivery agents (MDAs), and spam filters, criminals are using Shellshock as a means to create botnets. The process is slow, but working, thanks to a variety of server software that...

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Yahoo says they're patching servers compromised by Shellshock

Jonathan Hall, of Future South Technologies, said that he uncovered a botnet running on two Yahoo servers, managed by a group of hackers out of Romania. Yahoo has confirmed the incident, and said they are working to resolve the issue....

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New toolkit seeks routers, Internet of Things for DDoS botnet

Security researchers have recently discovered a toolkit capable of infecting computers, routers and Internet of Things devices to launch large-scale simultaneous DDoS attacks.


Old CGI-PHP vulnerability used to spread Bitcoin botnet

In 2012, researchers discovered a flaw in some PHP builds that would enable a remote attacker to execute commands on the server, if PHP was configured as a CGI script (PHP-CGI) at the time. Now, it's being used again to propagate a...

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Blue Coat reveals dangers of ‘One Day Wonders’

Research from Blue Coat illustrates the risks posed by domains that exist for less than a day.


Criminals harness Russian nationalism to spread malware

The group behind the Kelihos botnet has launched a new campaign in order to add compromised systems to their collective. However, unlike previous efforts that relied on social engineering and spam, this new initiative simply asks the...

Kicking the stool out from under the cybercrime economy

CSO Online spoke with Shape Security's Wade Williamson at this year's Black Hat USA conference about the economy of cybercrime and how it can be weakened


New Gameover Zeus botnet keeps growing, especially in the US

A new Gameover Zeus malware variant has infected over 10,000 systems so far, researchers say

Black Hat USA 2014: Talking botnets and ad campaigns

Botnets are becoming more sophisticated and White Ops' Michael Tiffany spells out what that means for the advertising campaigns they've been targeting

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Can information sharing stop bots in their tracks?

Bots are exceedingly prevalent on networks, but information sharing among security professionals may be the key to fighting them off

Botnet brute-forces remote access to point-of-sale systems

A new malware threat scans the Internet for POS systems and tries to access them using common usernames and passwords

Facebook kills 'Lecpetex' botnet, which hit 250,000 computers

Greek police made two arrests last week, Facebook said

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Dormant Miniduke APT campaign returns with better malware

The Miniduke advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign that has been dormant for more than a year is back with more data-stealing tools and better defenses against prying security researchers.

Microsoft admits technical error in IP takeover, but No-IP still down

No-IP claims Microsoft doesn't appear to be very good at DNS

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