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What CAPTCHAs can teach us about authentication

Businesses that authenticate users online can learn a lot from a similar challenge: distinguishing robots from humans.

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Identity eats security: How identity management is driving security

New intelligent identity management systems are changing the way organizations authenticate users and devices, and they’re making identity the new security perimeter.

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Legalizing online sports betting means a new need for security

In the wake of SCOTUS paving the way to legalizing online sports betting in the U.S., states are figuring out the best approach to making it secure with authentication and identity verification.


What is continuous user authentication? The best defense against fraud

Authenticating all user actions and attributes throughout a session ultimately provides the best defense against fraud and account abuse.

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4 scams that illustrate the one-way authentication problem

These scams rely on tricking consumers into believing they are interacting with a trusted vendor. Here’s how vendors can prevent the scams.

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Ready for more secure authentication? Try these password alternatives and enhancements

Password-only authentication is dead. Combine passwords with multifactor authentication, social login, biometrics, or risk-based authentication to better protect users and your reputation.

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How to evaluate web authentication methods

Authentication evaluation white paper includes popular and obscure methods and outlines a framework for assessing their security effectiveness.

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How risk-based authentication has become an essential security tool

A new generation of risk-based authentication (RBA) products can improve both customer experience and security. Here's what to look for in them.

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Salted Hash - SC 01: What an Apple phishing attack looks like

Today on Salted Hash, we’re going to look at a phishing attack from two sides. The first side will be what the victim sees. After that, we're going to see what the criminal sees. We'll also discuss some steps administrators can take...

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11 ways to hack 2FA

Always use two-factor authentication (2FA) when it is offered, but don't assume that it is completely secure.

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Why enhanced authentication methods should play a bigger role in your security plan

As a further consequence of data breaches, the loss of employee data loss doesn’t just impact the employee; it can also cause measurable harm to the employer. Learn how impactful such a breach could be for your company and how to...

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How consumer omnichannel authentication benefits businesses

Consumers want the same authentication experience across all channels without the hassle of remembering passwords, pins, etc. Consumer omnichannel authentication is transforming businesses and providing key benefits, including...

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Why you need both authorization and authentication

How to effectively manage IAM controls to secure critical assets.

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NY DFS, NIST and NAIC align on multi-factor authentication in financial services

The actions taken by the New York DFS, NIST and NAIC reinforce the need for financial services – and all enterprises for that matter – to leverage modern technologies to protect sensitive information.

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The path to modern authentication and cybersecurity is pervasive, connected and continuous

What makes secure access truly secure today? Authentication that works seamlessly – everywhere, all the time.

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How to approach a Zero Trust security model for your enterprise

Implementing a Zero Trust model to protect your enterprise's critical systems could be worth the trouble.

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What is access control? 5 enforcement challenges security professionals need to know

Access controls authenticate and authorize individuals to access the information they are allowed to see and use.

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Baltimore Police to use fingerprint scanning to combat overtime fraud

In light of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force scandal, the police will use fingerprint scans to clock in and out of work.

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