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10 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2019

In the early days of 2019, cybersecurity is as challenging as ever. We highlight some of the biggest cybersecurity trends that are set to impact the enterprise, security professionals and companies of all sizes in the year ahead.

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Communicate or die: Tech leaders who bring information security to life

3 engaging technology leaders, what makes them effective communicators and their tips for effective AI/cyber communication.

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Will your company be valued by its price-to-data ratio?

The job of every security professional is to protect their organization’s price-to-data ratio. In the past, it was typically the Sales and Marketing teams in the hot seat driving a company’s valuation by maintaining sales goals to...

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Cybersecurity decisions that can’t be automated

Encourage those inside and outside your team to identify and challenge daily assumptions in order to adapt to change, think differently and make smarter, faster security related decisions.

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CIO Leadership Live with Cathie Kozik, CIO at PSAV | Ep 13

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Cathie Kozik, senior vice president and CIO at PSAV, an events space provider, about aligning tech projects to business goals, tapping into employees for innovative ideas and using...

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Machine learning and AI deciphered

Breaking through the hype around machine learning and artificial intelligence, our panel of Ken Mingis, Michael Simon and Serdar Yegulalp talk through the definitions and implications of the technology.

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N-dimensional behavioral biometrics: a viable solution for digital fraud?

Artificial intelligence can be used to stop identity fraud from reaching record-breaking highs.

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The 5 best programming languages for AI development

Here are the top five languages for creating AI-enabled apps, according to InfoWorld contributor and deep learning architect Ian Pointer.

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CIO Leadership Live with James Rinaldi, CIO, Director for Information Technology, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Ep 11

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with James Rinaldi, CIO at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, about opening up data silos and driving data transformation; having a seat at the table to lead change; and using technology to explore...

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The AI hype machine – let’s be careful out there

AI over-marketing by security vendors is poised to confuse, frustrate and ultimately disillusion potential customers. We’re at a challenging point in the early maturity of the AI market: now is the time to set proper expectations so...

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The biggest security startup deals of 2018 (so far)

Recent VC investment in cybersecurity has tended to favor companies applying machine learning techniques to security problems. Here are some of the largest dealmakers that will be bringing you the next wave of security technology.


Bridging the realms between cyber and physical security

Can there be better automated incident response for physical security?

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Technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year.

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Reducing the impact of AI-powered bot attacks

Fraudsters are harnessing AI to behave like humans, trick users and scale-up attacks.

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The ethics of AI in the shadow of GDPR

Just because we can do something does not necessarily mean that we should. There needs to be a far more cogent discussion as to the ethics of AI and how data security and privacy will be addressed.

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Algorithms don’t have biases and other dangerous cyber assumptions

Everyone makes assumptions on a daily basis...even algorithms.

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Preparing for the looming battle of AI bots

As the cybersecurity industry adopts artificial intelligence techniques in earnest, quietly cyber criminals are building their own artificial intelligence adversarial tools. This article explores the likely “first contact” enterprises...

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The future of AI and endpoint security, part 2

Do we really have to wait for quantum computing for true security at the endpoint?

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