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Cloud Industry a 'mess' of Suppliers and Standards, Experts Warn

Barriers to adoption remain rife

GSA Eases Cloud Computing Procurement

Last week I had the pleasure to co-chair a cloud computing and virtualization event in Washington DC for federal IT professionals. As part of former federal CIO Vivek Kundra's plan, federal agencies have adopted a "cloud-first"...

Data Centers Largely Unaffected By East Coast Quake

The earthquake was the biggest to hit Virginia in more than a century, according to the US Geological Survey

Amazon Boosts Web Services Security for Government Agencies

Amazon's GovCloud now complies with an additional security regulation, opening the door to more government users

Avoid Patriot Act Surprises: Encrypt Cloud Data on-Premise

CIOs the world over who do business with US organisations do so under the shadow of the US Patriot Act.

Researchers: AWS Users Are Leaving Security Holes

Researchers in Germany have found abundant security problems within Amazon's cloud-computing services due to its customers either ignoring or forgetting published security tips.

Cloud security case 2: BuildFax

Property history company layers monitoring and other security services on top of Amazon EC2 public cloud offering

Epsilon: A watershed for an industry under siege

Last week, consumers in the U.S. were bombarded with e-mail messages warning them of what may be the most widely felt data breach in U.S. history. A company that most of them had never heard of, Epsilon Interactive, had been...

Amazon Updates Cloud Management Tool

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has upgraded its Web-based Management Console with features designed to make it easier to "scale up or scale down as [computing] needs change," according toa blog posted on Wednesday.

Amazon Hooks Into VMware's Management Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help IT staff to move virtual machines to the AWS cloud with a new plug-in for VMware's management platform, AWS said on Friday.

Amazon Extends Remote Computing to Japan's remote computing arm has expanded into Japan after finding that developers in the tech-savvy Asian country want more local data storage and quicker data transfer times.

Amazon Wants to Make it Easier to Build Complex Clouds

With the launch of CloudFormation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to make it easier for enterprises to put together stacks of applications and resources for its cloud computing service, the company said on Friday.

Amazon Adds CloudWatch to Management Tool

Amazon has added CloudWatch to the list of services that are integrated with its AWS (Amazon Web Services) Management Console, allowing IT staff to create alarms and troubleshoot from a browser.

In HTML5 Video Standards War, Vid.Ly is Switzerland

A startup called thinks it has the answer to the emerging HTML5 video standards battle.

Wikileaks attacks prove cloud is reliable

It's a strange world. When Amazon Web Services booted Wikileaks off its servers last week, many people (including me) said it raised significant questions about the rush into cloud services.

Amazon: government didn't force WikiLeaks ban

Amazon Web Services (AWS) kicked WikiLeaks off its servers for breaking rules designed to ensure websites use their own content and that it won't injure others, and not due to pressure from the U.S. government, Amazon said Thursday.

Amazon's Wikileaks Rejection Raises Cloud Trust Concerns

When the Wikileaks "cablegate" scandal broke last week, those behind the whistle-blowing Website found their servers under heavy load. No surprise there, of course, but an additional DDoS hack attack didn't help.

Amazon cuts off Wikileaks after U.S. senator's call

Amazon has stopped hosting the Wikileaks website, according to U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Independent.

RackSpace's OpenStack Targets Cloud Lock-in

Rackspace's contribution of code to a new open-source project called OpenStack could help establish a counterweight to larger and proprietary players like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), according to some observers.

Researchers: Password Crack Could Affect Millions

A well-known cryptographic attack could be used by hackers to log into Web applications used by millions of users, according to two security experts who plan to discuss the issue at an upcoming security conference.

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