April 2007 - Operating System Vulnerability Scorecard

Over a third of the way through 2007 already ... and the security vulnerabilities just keep on coming. Who is the surprise "leader" for most vulnerabilities? Mac OS Tiger ... check out all of the details.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report 2H06

Check out vulnerability and malware trends...

Scrubbing the Source Data - Part 1 - NVD (National Vulnerability Database)

When I publish my analyses, I actively encourage folks to challenge my results, challenge my methodology, perform their own analysis and generally just keep me honest.  Sadly, while many may be willing to cast doubts on the results,...

March 2007 - Operating System Vulnerability Scorecard

March has come and gone, how are the OSes doing in 2007 so far?

Comparisons Will Never Be Apples-to-Apples

I want to compare apples with oranges and pears - can I do that?

February 2007 - Operating System Vulnerability Scorecard

How were the OSes doing with vulnerabilities through the end of February?

Red Hat Launches RHEL5 ... and 11 Security Advisories

Dual standards at work again. When the first vulnerability was announced in Windows Vista a month after release, it was big news. 11 security advisories, including 3 Critical ones, on the day of launch? Apparently no big deal for Red...

January 2007 - Operating System Vulnerability Scorecard

Who had the most recent vulnerabilities? Windows, Linux or someone else?

Exactly how biased am I?

So, I work for Microsoft. So what.

A focus on security metrics

How do we measure effectiveness in the field of information security?

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