San Luis Ray – Emergency Response Plan – Utica College Master’s in CyberSecurity

Psychological damage would result from financial uncertainty or if the attack were launched on another sector in the critical infrastructure such as the electric grid, then psychological effects would be caused by a loss of confidence...

The Sandbox - RSA Conference 2014 - San Francisco

Why is it that the VCs fund these guys? Cuz they have done it before not because they are truly the cats meow to infosec innovation.

Gaming as a Method of Jihadist Training

Virtual After Action Reviews and Mission Planning - using our technology for ambush preparation and operations orders

National Critical Intelligence Estimate - North Korea - Utica College

The latest from Utica College's series of National Critical Intelligence Estimates - North Korea

Washington Naval Yard Shooting - Case Analysis - Utica College

Intelligence analysis of the Washington Naval Yard Shooting - Utica College

9/11 Anniversary - Postings from Our Adversaries Ensuring We Never Forget

Bin Laden and Gadahn indictments. KSA courtroom testimony and the Raid on Manhattan Parts 1 and 2 along with the precursor to Inspire - Jihad Recollections

Security Awarness for the ADD and ADHD Crowd

Security awarness takes creativity and the tools are there. Inexpensive, available and befitting the various age groups in organizations. It can be fun.

Utica College - National Critical Intelligence Estimate (NCIE) - EGYPT

Egypt’s geo-political atmosphere is unique in relation to U.S. strategic and political interests Government transitions over the past several years has created political instability Major world nations and Middle Eastern regional...

Same Old Same Old as IT Fails to Mature

It is quite amazing that we are still facing the same damn issues from 10, 15, even 20 years back. IT in most organizations is still being run like a mom and pop shop.

Turkey - A National Critical Intelligence Estimate (NCIE)

National Critical Intelligence Estimate on Turkey - 4MB PPT

NY Times Story on Snowden Way Off the Mark

Snowden was no elite hacker but an admin hack with full root access - Poor controls, poorer management, lack of foundational IT elements in place - Yes, it still happens every day

Utica College National Critical Intelligence Estimate

How much more evidence do we need? (Video and PDF of the Utica College estimate)

Maskirovka – Tactical, Operational, Strategic Deception

Tamelan learned to make bombs in Dagestan from Al-Qa’eda. Tamerlan learned to make bombs in Dagestan from Chechen Jihadists. Tamerlan was directed by an Uncle who served as a Lieutenant for Ramzan Kadyrov. Ramzan Kadyrov received...

Is this gun smoking? Certified Unethical Training

[ When we certificate, do we up date credits to EC-Council? HOw do this work? We get accounts on EC site? ] Yes, you will get credit for CEH to EC-Council.

Information Security Awareness - Down, But Not Out - by Salvatore C. Paladino

The best programs contain a diverse set of awareness materials including print, email, and web-based content as well as face-to-face interaction with employees, the last being the most often overlooked component due to the cost of...

Cut Costs and Improve Security through Investment Control

Attempts to centralize IT and information security functions fail as frequently as the concept is brought to the table. No one has an enterprise view of all information security technologies and services. No one has knowledge of...

Rethinking the Role of Information Security Management ---- Salvatore C. Paladino and David Sarmanian

...the people evaluating the CISOs performance often have very little operational information security knowledge. Secondly, if the CISO has a budget and allows security operations personnel to select solutions, they will put forth a......

Caution: Not Executing Offensive Actions Against Our Adversaries is High Risk

When counter attacking or openly attacking an adversary, it is going to be just as difficult for the adversary to identify me (a collective me) as it is for me to identify them if not more difficult. For years we have been watching...

Iranian Cyber Proxies and Capabilities

Get what you missed by not attending GovSecWest - Iranian Cyber Proxies and Capabilities

Interview with th3j35t3r - SecureNinjaTV on YouTube

What to ask th3j35t3r questions? See SecureNinjaTV

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