Security - It’s Just a Job

Despite Anonymous, PCI, FISMA, SOX, and your project whose delivery date is slipping, it’s still just a job. How much is your life worth?

John Strand Slapped Me In the Face

Which would you rather have in your corner, a highly trained martial artist or a mischievous 8 year old?

Shiny New Security Shoes

Unemployment is on the rise, the economy is falling off a cliff and caught in the middle of it all are the security pros. I have no doubt that more than a few of us have been swept up in the employment shuffle. At the end of a...

Insecure but Safe - The Mayberry Paradox

A report released this week on AppleInsider details the Pwn2Own hacking contest results indicating that Apple computers are less secure than their WinTel counterparts, but ultimately safer.

Peeling Apples - Reconsidering Mac Security

I've spent almost 2 years bashing OS X security and more specifically Apple's information security program. Well, while fawning over a friend's MacBook Air (MBA) yesterday I had an epiphany. Have I been too hard on Apple? Is the...

Outsourcing the Presidency: An American Dilemma

In November, information security in America will face an epic dilemma. Given two presidential candidates who will shape information security policy at a time when we are seeing information warfare as a common weapon.

Tales of a Third Grade Power User

Technology and notably information security are complex topics. Mastery of those topics is beyond most adults… but not an 8 year old.

Guess what! Can you trust your plan?

Incident response plans, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans are essential components in a well-developed information security program. If you aren't regularly testing your plans, then you are gambling with the...

There's no smiling in audit

I doubt that there has ever been a job considered as dull, boring, or monotonous as that of the auditor. There is no mystery, excitement, or wonder in auditing. Most of all, there is no smiling in audit. …or is there…

To Phish or Cut Bait – The CISO's Dilemma

If you are at all familiar with my blog, then you have fallen victim to my occasional rants demeaning inept CIO's. And you have probably correctly surmised that I speak from my own personal experience with an inept CIO (or two). Young...

Like Taking Candy from a Stranger

Last week I crawled out of bed and made my way to my office. When I booted my Windows XP virtual machine I was greeted with the familiar iTunes software update screen informing me of yet another upgrade, patch, or fix for iTunes"--or...

Truth, Lies, and Data Tapes: The Politics of Dishonesty in IT

You've done it. I've done it. I'm sure we've all done it at some point, but why? I'm not talking about drugs or smoking, but misrepresenting the truth.

Back to the future "Ś or at least the recent past

Leopard's Time Machine makes the backup process transparent

Corporate break-in! Apple responsible?

Will the MacBook Air be the breakthrough technology that moves Apple into the boardroom?

Apple Encryption - It Ain't All There

I find myself saddened this morning, not because it's Monday, and not because I am beginning another week at a thankless job, but because I have just completed a report advising business users to avoid OS X.

The Grinch that Stole Security

A little holiday cheer for the CISO in all of us.

Has Privacy Found the Spotlight?

It's working. Our patient and determined efforts to bring the masses to enlightenment is working. Young and old, the common man is learning that identity has value. Better yet, we are learning to question those that want to capture...

Apples and Oranges: Leopard Bucks the Trends and Opts for the Counter-Intuitive

I am no different from most of the Apple fan boys out there. I looked forward to some serious Leopard sweetness for quite some time and tasted it late last week. I am happy to say that Leopard delivers again with regard to usability...

Exploring the Boundaries of Information Security

Does information security stop at the edge of technology?

Security, Bringing Sexy Back

Sex sells. I know it and you know it, but can we admit it? Back in the good ol' days (don't you feel old any time someone starts a story this way!), security was sexy. It was the hot new thing. Firewalls sold like hotcakes,...

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