My Concerns with CyberSecurity Legislation – no teeth, paper audits, and “security” auditors

The biggest issue I have with the

Sony CISO Reporting to Executive Management. Maybe Cyber Security Czar will follow suit?

In my previous blog , I talked about how I was encouraged that Sony was go

Sony appoints CISO in response to PlayStation attacks……but reports to the CIO?????

A few months ago, Sony announced that it was created a new CISO position, reporting directly to the CIO, in response to the attacks against PlayStation.

Q&A with Myself - Thoughts on Sony, DOD, RSA, IMF & Lockheed Martin

My answers to the following questions: "Are the recent hacks against Sony Playstation, RSA SecurID, IMF and Lockheed Martin caused by unrelated entities, or is this a coordinated attack?" and "Q: Will anyone’s data be more secure in...

My Haystack: Is finding that one needle really all that important? (Hint: Yes it is.)

fighting the unfair cyber security battles

Cyber Security Warning System

A security model for success

People, People, People

Always the weakest link

Role-based Certification for Application Security

CSSLP a start -- but much more is needed for application security certification

Facebook Security

one down... soooo many sites to go!

The time for application security certification is now -- part 2

Content available -- now need an organization with vision and guts!

The time for application security certification is now!

Model works; time for industry to adopt one for AppSec

Quantum Computing and Data Protection

Start looking for replacements to your RSA and ECC crypto!

School dumps PII onto streets of Manhattan

People and process trump technology again

Vulnerability disclosure revisited, and revisited, and revisited, ...

Researchers getting unnecessary heat from Feds

More trouble in China

cyber terror on the rise

iPhone apps really scaring me now

worries about the wired home

Connecticut AG files HITECH Act Law Suit…holy IT health records enablement!!

First HITECH Act lawsuit represents new era in data breach enforcement

Hold Developers Legally Accountable for Software Security Flaws?

And old debate gets new life

Time to re-think encryption

quantum computing becoming a reality -- goodbye RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography!

CyberTerror - the Arms Race We're Losing

There's a major war brewing ... and we are sitting on the battlefield in the line of fire every day.

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