The voting machine virus that never was

Claims that a voting machine was hacked in the 23rd Congressional race this month don't add up.

Cable Modem Hacker Busted by Feds

An expert on cable modem hacking has been arrested by federal authorities on computer intrusion charges.

Alleged Sarah Palin hacker, Kernell to wait another six months for trial

David Kernell's trial has been pushed back six months as the judge considers motions in the case.

German man arrested for alleged extortion of Facebook clone

A German man has reportedly been arrested after crawling several popular German social-networking sites for data and then allegedly trying to extort $120,000 from the sites' operators.

At Yahoo, reporting a phisher means getting by the company's anti-phishing filters first

Yahoo bounces back phishing reports sent to its address, saying that they violate its anti-phishing policy.

Bay Bridge Web programming error means major bridge is shut for months, not really

They're shutting down the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland for the weekend, but a programming SNAFU led to some bad info on the Bay Bridge Web site.

Criminal hacker passes on Defcon to make mortgage payment

Defcon is a lot of things, but a predictor of the housing crisis? Who knew.

Network Solutions warns merchants that hackers may have stolen transaction data on 500,000

Network Solutions warned merchant customers Friday that hackers had installed malware on their servers and may have captured details on more than half a million credit card transactions.

US Bank knocked offline by DDOS attack that hit US, South Korea

Web site uptime monitoring service Pingdom says US Bank was knocked offline by the DDOS attack that hit US and South Korean Web sites this week.

List of US, South Korean sites targeted in ongoing DDOS

A Korean blogger has analyzed the malware behind an ongoing DDOS attack that took down US and South Korean government sites this week.

Online attack hits US government Web sites

Nobody knows who's behind a powerful DDOS attack that took down the FTC's Web site and hit other government and business sites in the U.S. and South Korea.

Ongoing DDoS knocks offline, hits others

Since around July 4 someone has been hitting US government Web sites and others with a DDoS attack. On Monday they took down, but the Secret Service, FAA, and Treasury department have also been attacked.

Hi (Rand) malware messages on Facebook today

Facebook malware of the day: If you get a message from a Facebook friend that says Hi (Rand), steer clear. It's malicious.

Clear's privacy policy:

A look at Clear's privacy policy

Clear may sell customer data

People are justifiably worried about what may happen to the data they entrusted to Clear, the TSA-approved Registered Traveler company. Now clear has finally said something about what it plan to do.

Clear goes bankrupt

Clear offered a quicker way around TSA security lines, but apparently not enough people were willing to pay the $200 fee to keep the service in business.

Was T-Mobile hit with Kaminsky DNS attack?

Late last year, T-Mobile users reported problems on the company's edge network. Was it related to this week's incident?

T-Mobile confirms hackers' info is legit

T-Mobile says that it's identified the file that hackers published on the Full Disclosure list over the weekend.

Here's a new one: the blackout caused a virus

Here's an unusual explanation for a virus infection: A blackout caused it

Data leakage, the old fashioned way

Not do be outdone by the U.S. Government Printing Office, which recently published a "highly confidential" list of U.S. Nuclear sites the Canadian government had a nuclear leak of its own this week.

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