Direct Marketing Association on information security: Be safe

The Direct Marketing Association's guidelines on information security are little more than a footnote. In an industry that's under targeted attack from criminal hackers, could they do better?

Comodo hacker demanded a chat with victim

The hacker who broke into Comodo demanded a "chat" with the company one week after issuing nine digital certificates.

As violence escalates, Libya cuts off the Internet

The Libyan government is using the same tactics tried in Egypt three weeks ago to suppress dissent

An FBI backdoor in OpenBSD?

A former government contractor has come forward to say that the FBI put a back door in the IPsec stack used by OpenBSD.

Congressional candidate says Democrats leaked his Social Security number

Politics can be a nasty business, but mailing out your opponent's Social Security number...?

Me and Iraq Resistance -- a conversation with a worm author

Since the Here You Have worm was released on Sept 9, its author, known as Iraq Resistance, has been happy to speak with the press. Here's what he (or she) has told us so far.

How to plan an industrial cyber-sabotage operation: A look at Stuxnet

It is now becoming clear that the Stuxnet worm was designed to attack a specific target -- possibly a uranium refinery in Iran. One of the people who knows Stuxnet best explains how the attack was executed.

Terry Childs gets four year sentence

Former San Francisco network administrator Terry Childs was sentenced to four years in prison for refusing to hand over administrative passwords to the city's WAN

Accused scareware executive pleads not guilty

James Reno, one of the three men accused last week of running a $100 million rogue antispyware operation has pleaded non guilty to the charges

Call center operator says he was duped by scareware scammers

James Reno, the man who operated Innovative Marketing's US call center, says he was duped by Ukranian scammers, who steered his legitimate business into some very dark corners of the Internet.

Netnod -- Bad DNS information wasn't our fault

After one of its root DNS server was associated with bad information, possibly caused by the Great Firewall of China, Netnod has explained what it's doing about the situation

Chile NIC explains Great Firewall incident

Chile NIC has released a statement shedding some light on what happened earlier this week as the Great Firewall of Chinna was somehow spread to networks in the US and Chile.

Online retailer Monoprice takes its site down as customers complain of fake charges

Online retailer Monoprice has taken its Web site down while it investigates a possible hack.

The FBI supply chain illustrated

While FBI Director Robert Mueller was talking about possible threats to the U.S.

Wyndam: 37 hotels were hit in latest hack

Wyndham Hotels now says that 37 hotels were hit by hackers during a recent computer break-in.

Russian busted for posting porn video to hacked billboards

40 year old unemployed man says he didn't realize he was hacking into a billboard, and just wanted to 'give people a laugh.'

Iranian Cyber Army un-hacks Hezbollah Web site

The Iranian Cyber Army -- you remember them, credited with hacking Twitter and -- has returned. This time to un-hack the Web site of Hezbollah in Iran.

Judge throws out Heartland shareholder class action

A federal judge ruled Monday that Heartland Payment Systems did nothing wrong by failing to disclose a 2007 SQL injection compromise in SEC fillings for more than a year.

Computer of alleged Sarah Palin hacker had spyware

Was the man charged with hacking the former Alaska governor's e-mail hacked himself?

The voting machine virus that never was

Claims that a voting machine was hacked in the 23rd Congressional race this month don't add up.

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