The security certification debate continues

The discussion about the value of security certifications isn't about to die down anytime soon

Leaked Mitch McConnell/Ashley Judd recording highlights potential for insider threat

Mitch McConnell's campaign staff claims they have no idea how a private strategy session was recorded and leaked. But they ought to take a hard look at everyone close to them and consider if this may be an inside job

Is there a disconnect between demand for security jobs and certifications?

Security experts are in demand, and there aren’t enough skilled cybersecurity pros out there to fulfill current employer demand, according to a story published this week by my colleague Jaikumar Vijayan.

Two findings to file under ‘doh!

Two pieces of information caught my eye over the last week that have to do with what I’ll politely call “security-challenged behavior” among employees. The first is a report from Symantec this month that finds half of employees who...

How secure is your job?

Just a short post today to ponder a big question: How is your job security? I stumbled across a favorite Dilbert cartoon from a few years back.  In it, he says to the garbage man, “My new assignment is troll in charge of legacy...

Have you reviewed your social media policies lately?

A few stories that are making headlines today have me once again thinking about social networking as it pertains to privacy and security, both personal and corporate.

CISO priorities in 2013: BYOD and social networking?

As I’ve mentioned previously in Leading Edge, prediction stories don’t really get my attention too often. But I am interested in a release I received this week from market-intelligence firm IDC (a sister company to IDG Enterprise,...

Kaspersky study finds huge security-knowledge gap among IT pros

New research from Kaspersky Lab finds almost 1/3 of IT professionals lack basic understanding of common security threats. Yet, most have security top of mind for their organization. Where's the disconnect?

Measuring success in security

One of my favorite questions to ask as a journalist and reporter has always been “How do you measure success?”

Managing differing attitudes about security

Last month, I wrote in this blog about research that finds younger generation workers tend to engage in less secure behavior with technology than their older peers.

SANS seeks feedback on policy development

SANS is looking for feedback about what policies are emerging among organizations with applications to protect. From their press release today:

Reflections on leadership after September 11th

I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.

Security’s moments of bravery

“Bravery resides in every heart, and the time will come when it must be summoned.”

Should security be responsible for BYOD policy?

The Bring-Your-Own-Device movement keeps charging forward.

Mind the (generation) gap

Looking out among the employees in your organization, you probably know there are certain people who understand security better than others.

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