Kid cyber conferences allow them to “Go hack yourself”

Cybersecurity conferences aren’t just for grown-ups. Kids are joining along and learning “Go Hack Yourself” is a good thing. r00tz Asylum, Hak4Kidz, and HacKid conferences are growing cyber professionals outside the traditional...

Cybersecurity competitions – Make a difference

Cybersecurity competitions like CyberPatriot, MITRE/ISC2 CTF, and NCCDC are promoting learning and professionalism outside the classroom.

A call to action: Promoting computer science in schools

Recent studies from Gallup / Google, ACM Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and National Center for Women & Information Technology demonstrate the demand for computer science in K-12 education, which is not being met.

The best of times and worst of times in security education

Education is in a time of change. Technology is transforming the classroom. Are students, teachers, and the security industry ready and able to take on next generation security challenges?

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