Physical Security and Politics: Will Walls Work?

Saying it reminded people of "other walls," the Prime Minister of Iraq wants to cease construction of a wall in Baghdad meant to separate Sunnis and Shiites and quell sectarian violence. The U.S. Military is less committed to ceasing...

Smash-and-grab art thieves get jail time

The thieves who yanked two of Edvard Munch's masterpieces, "The Scream" and "Madonna" off of a wall in an Oslo, Norway, museum three years ago were sentenced today.

Congressman calls government's info security "embarrassing" and "dangerous"

Congressman James Langevin lashed out at the government's poor information security report card, calling it a threat to national security.

A View into Starbucks Enterprise Security

Starbucks Coffee's security team led by Francis D'Addario shared their approach to enterprise security for everything from keeping coffee buyers safe on trips to Indonesia and Ethiopia, to helping coffee baristas understand what to do...

Planning, Communications and Cash: Key ingredients for disaster planning

A panel of three security executives from retail giant Target, spice and food maker McCormick & Co. and technology maker Sun Microsystems share their insights for dealing with natural and man-made disasters at the CSO Perspectives...

Measure, then Act: General Electric CSO Frank Taylor on the Importance of Process Improvements

Frank Taylor, the CSO of General Electric, emphasized to an audience of security executives at the CSO Perspectives conference that you don't need to be a "Six Sigma black belt" to use its principles -- and to benefit from the results....

CSO Perspectives: Burill calls security convergence "inevitable"

David Burrill, the former head of security for British American Tobacco and who now leads a security consulting firm, said security convergence relies less on the structure of an organization, its leaders and its budgets and more on a...

Security Awareness Requires Carrots, Sticks -- and Lots of Communication

At the CSO Perspectives conference, security executives from Genzyme and Cisco say that effective security awareness programs require top-management buy-in, policies that require accountability for bad acts and rewards for employees...

CSO Perspectives: American Water's Larson Lays Down Some Metrics

The CSO Perspectives conference tagline this year is "The Business Case for Security" and that's exactly what American Water's security chief Bruce Larson is trying to deliver to his bosses. He shared his experiences building and...

On war anniversary, Bremer opens CSO Perspectives preaches patience in Iraq

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, who led the Coalition Provisional Authority that managed Iraq before the new Iraqi government took over in 2004, opened the CSO Perspectives conference here with a broad reaching keynote address in which...

CSO Perspectives: Tabletop Exercise Demonstrates Crisis Management Challenge

The CSO Perspectives Conference opened with a tabletop exercise, with more than 50 security executives playing roles to see how the report of a possible act of corporate espionage played out, and how they would respond.

ChoicePoint Exec Shares What He's Learned about Responding to a Breach

ChoicePoint has come a long way since two years ago, when it became the poster child for how not to react to a security breach.

Poll: Who should pay for data breaches?

In the wake of the TJX data breach, Massachusetts bankers are asking that retailers and other parties that fail to keep information secure bear the burden for the costs of a data breach. What do you think is the best solution?

Remote keyless entry--not as secure as you might think

Had an interesting experience at the car dealership today, when I stopped by to pick up a remote keyless entry device.

Avian flu preparations: a tabletop exercise at home, the WHO's call for openness around the globe

Even if the flu doesn't reach North America, government officials in the United States are starting to prepare like it will, while also issuing recommendations for businesses employing workers overseas on checklists for business...

Adieu, Robert Garigue, we'll miss you

Word reached us somewhat belately of the untimely death last month of Robert Garigue, who was most recently VP for information integrity and chief security executive for Bell Canada.

And now for a popup message from a malware blocker

Malware and botnets are a growing problem on the web. At this week's RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, a vendor called Exploit Prevention Labs discusses its work to develop malware alerts for Windows PC users who insist on...

Ed Amoroso on the 3 main problems with information security

So not everyone is at RSA this week. Today I had a far-reaching conversation with Ed Amoroso, CSO of AT&T, and both of us are in the chilly New York metro.

The safety of food, glorious food

The Government Accounting Office today added the area of food safety to its list of "high risk areas" the White House and Congress should address.

Another metric for information security...

It's the arrival of the issue at the center of popular culture. Guess what Comedy Central's Jon Stewart asked Bill Gates about when the Microsoft founder showed up on The Daily Show to promote the Vista launch?

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