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Chertoff on DHS's First Five Years

An excerpt of the speech Secretary Chertoff made to Department of Homeland Security staffers this week, celebrating what he says are their six main accomplishments so far.

Where's My Effing Pizza?

With Domino's Pizza Tracker, visibility into the supply chain descends into cheesy hot absurdity

Poll: How Many Security Breach Disclosure Notices Have You Received?

I've yet to receive a security breach notice. Neither has my husband. Neither has any friend or family member contacted me asking what to do about such a notice. All of which makes me wonder, is it the same unlucky set of citizens...

An Engineering Challenge: Video Analytics vs. Photoelectric Beams

About three years ago, Thomas Keller's group did a "shoot-out test" where they took a single surveillance camera on a person's property, ran the video stream through a splitter, and allowed seven different video analytics companies...

Google to Employees: Don't Be Evil

Search Engine company is hiring a spook who will ferret out "Acts against Google." Yikes!

Dirty Trailers, Cheap Tricks

A hapless age-verification gateway poses as security before you can download movie trailers with adult content. But you know what it really is, right?

Critical Thinking on Arrest of Spammer

The Feds and the industry are celebrating the arrest of Robert Alan Soloway, one of the world's top 5 spammer. Is there really that much to celebrate?

Dow Chemical CSO Tim Scott recognized for ethical leadership

Tim Scott, CSO and global director of emergency services and security for The Dow Chemical Company, is one of thirteen finalists for a new award for ethical leadership.

Fighting Image Spam: Will Warranties Work?

An economics professor thinks a You-Spam-You-Pay bond system could be the answer to one of the Internet's worst scourges.

Organized retail crime: Whose fault is it, anyway?

A reader says that by chasing down sophisticated shoplifters, a retailer is ignoring the inherent problems with its pricing strategy. But is that just blaming the victim?

Verizon, Cybertrust, and the death of the MSSP

With Verizon acquiring Cybertrust, now none of the country's largest MSSPs are security companies

ISO 2700--Security's Sleeper?

Some CISOs maintain that PCI compliance is cinch--if you're already following ISO 17799 or 2700.

Have a question about e-pedigree laws and RFID?

Jayne Juvan is available to answer your questions.

Baseball's Big Beer Ban

Reporter's Notebook: Following a player's tragic drunk driving accident, baseball's busy banning alcohol in clubhouses. But is it an effective response from a security and safety perspective? Examining the confluence of risk, emotion...

Holy Copper Theft!

A man of the cloth helps police nab a copper thief stealing from churches

Fun with Identity Theft

A noted prankster sets up a credit card and signs up for the identity theft protection, and then tries to get busted for identity theft. Only one problem, nothing sets off the alarms.

Poll: Is the security world "LinkedIn"?

I got yet another invitation for LinkedIn this morning. Typically, I just hit delete, but this time....

On Google Hacks and Product Pitches

Google Adwords compromised, says vendor selling something that detects if Goggle Adwords is compromised. Dealing with vendor-driven vulnerability research.

Why competition among credit card companies is good for identity thieves

The underlying reason identity theft is proliferating is that it's so easy for criminals to turn identity information into cash.

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