Rapid, automated, *secure* deployment of cloud servers

At Defcon this year, two researchers proposed a model for rapid, automated deployment of cloud servers using Amazon Web Services and a variety of free service providers. Their model is exactly what I mean by convenient security. This...

Protecting our people from the risks of wanderlust

Let’s help give our people the tools they need to wander the world safely.

Credit monitoring as an employee benefit

There are many forms of identity theft and credit fraud out there and, just as with every other low-risk criminal enterprise enabled by the interconnectedness of our world, instances of these crimes are growing. In the U.S. credit...

Authentication for the ridiculously rushed

People in hospitals operate at a ridiculous pace and deal with highly sensitive, highly regulated data. Can we security professionals find a way to let them do their job quickly and yet maintain the security required by law (and...

The magic of Disney MagicBands

Disney has turned boring physical security into convenience, better service, and an actual revenue stream…

Virtual machines could be the gold standard for network security

Design a VM gold image right, build in all the security and monitoring that you need, keep it maintained, build out all the documentation your organization might need for security and compliance. When the business needs a new server...

Can security and convenience be mutually exclusive?

Can security and convenience be mutually exclusive?

One objection that security professionals face every day is that you can’t have both security and convenience. Supposedly, they are on opposite ends of a mutually exclusive continuum. But that's just not so.

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