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A Cloudy Christmas Carol

During this festive season, I thought it would be fun to interweave the stylings of a Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, with a visit by three ghost—the ghosts of cloud past, present, and future … And in true Ebenezer...


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Should I Build or Should I Buy Now?

Cloud computing is here to stay. Like it or not. But how does a cloud computing user know if the system is safe to store and process vital business and personal data? How do cloud service providers build the necessary trust,...


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You Can Outsource the Work, but You Cannot Outsource the Risk

As trust in cloud services continues to grow, enterprise usage will go up, inevitably attracting the attention of cybercriminals. Although an increasing array of sensitive and confidential data is moving to cloud storage and...


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Cloud vs. Cloud

When it comes to machine learning, there are a few possible ways attackers might attempt to gain the upper hand: They can try to identify the model and find its weak points, legitimize bad behavior, or flood the model to make it...


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It’s a Quarter-past Cloud, Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Cloud adoption is not something in our future—it’s today’s reality. Recently, Intel Security, like many other enterprise organizations, implemented a “cloud first” policy. That is, we prioritize on cloud-focused architectures for...


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How Secure is Your Private Cloud?

There is a lot of emphasis and excitement around the growth and versatility of public clouds, overshadowing the strong growth and development of private clouds. A private cloud is not just a virtualized infrastructure of compute...


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Navigating Security for the Hybrid Cloud. How Do You Chart the Right Course?

As a Sci-Fi fan, the journey to the cloud reminds me of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek whose mission was to explore new worlds—to boldly go where no one has gone before. As businesses rush head-on into the digital frontier,...


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Hybrid Cloud Security: It’s Much More than Cloud Connectors

So, you have a private cloud built on platforms such as VMware or OpenStack and use public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.   You realize that your hybrid clouds need the same level of protection as your...


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DevOpsSec, SecDevOps, DevSecOps: What's in a Name?

The world is awash in DevOps, but what does that really mean? Although DevOps can mean several things to different individuals and organizations, ultimately it is about the cultural and technical changes that occur to deliver...


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One Day Is a Lifetime in Container Years

As container lifespans decrease, strong security policies become increasingly important. Here’s why.


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Out of the Shadows

Developing a more coherent, secure cloud strategy begins with trust and transparency.


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Automating the Threat Defense Lifecycle What the Heck does THAT Mean?

When we introduced our strategy at FOCUS ’15, at its core a simple concept: create integrated security systems to automate the threat defense lifecycle so you can address more threats, faster, with fewer resources.


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Container Sprawl: The Next Great Security Challenge

Containers, the younger and smaller siblings of virtualization, are more active and growing faster than a litter of puppies. Recent stats for one vendor show containers now running on 10% of hosts, up from 2% 18 months ago....


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Fight Against Ransomware Takes to the Cloud

“How many visitors do you expect to access the No More Ransom Portal?” This was the simple question asked prior to this law enforcement (Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, Dutch Police) and private industry (Kaspersky Lab,...


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Private Cloud Security

Software-Defined Security for your Cloud Data Center


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A Tale of Two T’s

The first step to really understanding OT is to forget everything you know about IT.


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Uh oh: The Bad Guys Love the Cloud Just as Much as We Do

Oh how we love the public cloud—with its ability to quickly spin up services and grow compute rapidly to meet our customers’ demands. What an amazing opportunity for our organization. We also love Software as a Service (SaaS) with...


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Déjà Vu: Moving to the Cloud Means Losing Visibility and Control All Over Again

As more sensitive data moves to the cloud, you need to regain visibility and control.


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The Early Adopter’s Guide to Securing the Software-Defined Data Center

SDDC has many benefits but also introduces new security challenges. Here’s how infrastructure virtualization can actually improve your defenses.


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Cloud Security, Exactly the Same, but Different

The question is not just whether moving to the cloud increases your risk, but also what new or different threats are emerging, and whether or not you are vulnerable. Mindset is key to understanding your risk tolerance and treatment...


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