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Why a risk assessment should be in your future

Why a risk assessment should be in your future By Charles Cooper Companies that put cyber risk assessments on the backburner will quickly find themselves enmeshed in controversy if their controls are found to be inadequate, or...


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Cyberinsurance shifts to the mainstream

Cyberinsurance shifts to the mainstream By Paul Gillin With cyberattacks growing more common and ferocious, now is a good time to look into cyberinsurance. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions before making a decision. The market...


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Latest trends in securing employee identity

By Charles Cooper Latest trends in securing employee identity In early September, Equifax suffered a massive data breach affecting private information of more than 140 million people. Soon after, the company suffered a second...


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Awareness training is key to reducing security risk

Awareness training is key to reducing security risk By Charles Cooper Human error continues to confound the best efforts of security executives. No matter how much money gets spent on firewalls, intrusion detection software and...


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How Overconfidence Can Lead to Lax Cybersecurity

How Overconfidence Can Lead to Lax Cybersecurity By Dwight Davis Do you have confidence that your in-house security personnel has the knowledge, experience and technology to defend against cyberattacks? If so, there’s a chance...


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Leaderships’ evolving role in cybersecurity

Leaderships’ evolving role in cybersecurity By Paul Gillin As the volume and severity of computer crime has grown, one group has stayed somewhat quiet about the issue: CEOs. Cybersecurity is a difficult topic for many...


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Ransomware: Too Profitable to Go Away

Ransomware: Too Profitable to Go Away By Charles Cooper If enterprises needed another reminder to protect themselves against ransomware, this spring’s WannaCry outbreak ought to have served as their proverbial wake-up call....


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Navigating Today’s Threat Landscape

Navigating Today’s Threat Landscape By Charles Cooper The exact tally won’t be known for several more months but preliminary reports and anecdotal evidence suggest that the number of cyberattacks this year may well surpass 2016....


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Three steps to an effective cloud security strategy

Three steps to an effective cloud security strategy By Charles Cooper Deploying to the cloud without a plan or an overall approach could leave you worse off than if you had simply stayed with the — increasingly antiquated —...


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Recycled cyberattacks: Protect against the knowns

By Charles Cooper Cybercriminals don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. You might assume that most cyberattacks feature new malware strains. After all, the seesaw battle between attackers and defenders should favor the more...


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Is a mobile-first strategy in your future?

Companies are scrambling to accommodate the fast-growing number of employees demanding to use their personal devices to access work files for their jobs — regardless of location or time zone. But as mobility becomes an integral...


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Digital wallets open up cyber vulnerabilities

As digital wallets increase in popularity, more and more businesses are incorporating their use at checkout. But as experience has shown, technological innovations create new vulnerabilities along with any opportunities. Learn how...


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Is your security strategy keeping up?

Has your organization revisited its security strategy to ensure it is founded on the latest in experience, knowledge and security capabilities? Much like your best employees, successful cybercriminals are always evolving their skill...


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Enhancing your enterprise security

Truly protecting your organization involves taking a holistic approach to blocking malicious activity. Machine learning with behavioral analysis and external and internal threat intelligence is providing a new, higher level of...


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The rise and rise of Cybercrime as a Service

Cybercrime as a Service is growing, allowing about anyone with a criminal bent to steal your data. Illicit businesses offer on the dark web services that include ready-to-use DDoS botnets and ransomware software, and lists of phishing...


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7 tips to secure against IoT cyberthreats

While some consider IoT to be in its infancy, the technology has already had a disruptive influence throughout the business world. But along the way to generating enormous opportunities for businesses, IoT technology has opened up new...


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Cyberespionage: Your intellectual property under threat

Industrial espionage isn’t only a nation-state issue. Dodgy business rivals and cybercriminals with information to sell can pose serious risks to companies. Find out more about detecting and defending against the loss of your...


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Are massive cyberattacks the new normal?

Massive cyberattacks that infect large numbers of machines with sometimes devastating effects are new. Are the 2016 Dyn DDoS attack and the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack harbingers of cybercrime’s future? And what can your...


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Social media is a cybersecurity risk for business

Employees casually share a lot of personal information through social media – and bad actors are paying attention. Through phishing and other campaigns, cybercriminals are using personal information to worm their way into...


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Your brand is under attack too

Bad actors not only want to steal your valuable data, they want to imitate your brand too. Learn how they operate and ways you can protect yourself and your customers from scams and offers of fake products.


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