Tracy Mayor

Senior Features Editor

Tracy Mayor is senior features editor at Computerworld.

Battling Blaster on a University Campus

When the Blaster worm came knocking, right around the time 6,000 students returned to George Washington University's residential network, the members of the information security group found themselves with a lot of work on their hands....

Crash Course: Information Security at Universities

How do universities cope each fall when students stream back to campus with infected, unpatched PCs? CISOs say it's (almost) all about the education.

Breach Disclosure: Engaging the Enemy

When does preemptive disclosure make sense?

Incident Response Planning: Breach Brigade

Going public: When bad things happen to your enterprise, you'll need a team and a process in place to help you survive the hot glare of media scrutiny.

Security Incident Disclosure: Ready for the Close-Up

Who do you feed to the media wolves?

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