Tony Sager

Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist, CIS

Tony Sager is a Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for CIS (The Center for Internet Security). In this role, he leads the development of the CIS Controls, a worldwide consensus project to find and support technical best practices in cybersecurity. Sager also serves as the Director of the SANS Innovation Center, a subsidiary of The SANS Institute. Sager retired from the National Security Agency (NSA) after 34 years as an Information Assurance professional. He started his career in the Communications Security (COMSEC) Intern Program, and worked as a mathematical cryptographer and a software vulnerability analyst. In 2001, Sager led the release of NSA security guidance to the public. He also expanded the NSA’s role in the development of open standards for security. Sager holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Western Maryland College and an M.S. in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University. He is also a civilian graduate of the U.S. Army Signal Officer Basic Course and the National Security Leadership Course.

Cyber Hygiene Matters, and So Do Definitions

Cleaning Up a Definition of Basic Cyber Hygiene

Cleaning Up a Definition of Basic Cyber Hygiene

In discussions about cyber defense, we often hear the term “cyber hygiene.” The general notion is that a lack of good cyber hygiene is at the heart of most cyber-attacks. The phrase plays off of commonly accepted ideas in personal...

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