Tom Patterson

VP/GM Global Security Solutions

Tom Patterson Leads CSC’s Global Cybersecurity Consulting practice, directing a team of experts focused on helping clients deploy and operate the most appropriate security countermeasures for their risk, compliance, and business environment. A proven security leader, Tom has been working for three decades on all facets of cybersecurity including: hardware, software, managed services, policy, privacy, threat mitigation, compliance, and governance. Initially trained by the intelligence community, Tom understands both the art and science of security, and is a recognized thought leader in the space with numerous keynote speeches, a well reviewed book, and regular guest expert appearances on television.

Corporate officers — security changes for 2015!

10 cybersecurity predictions for 2015

10 cybersecurity predictions for 2015

Based on my history in this space, plus the fact that my day job of running CSC's Global Cybersecurity Consulting business lets me talk to and help hundreds of executives around the world, I wanted to offer my perspective on how 2014...

Tunnel vision: Train security as critical as planes and automobiles

Tunnel vision: Train security as critical as planes and automobiles

Railroads have historically considered their computing, controls and communications to be proprietary, and therefore more secure. With today’s use of commercial off-the-shelf products and standard protocols, yesterday’s defenses for...

Buckle up:  Security threats to connected cars get real

Buckle up: Security threats to connected cars get real

As our connected cars move from syncing our music to driving us home, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are starting to wonder if they should trust these high-velocity death-mobiles with their lives. It’s a good question.

Leading life sciences security

Life Science companies are under enormous pressure to counter the significant threats to their business and our health. Their success in necessary well beyond their bottom line, but has consequences reaching into our health and our...

Competing on trust

Becoming the most trusted company in your sector will generate great business rewards, but simply being compliant or having basic security and privacy policies is not enough to make you trusted. By following emerging leaders and...

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