Shawn M. Thompson

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Shawn M. Thompson is the founder and director of the Insider Threat Training Academy and founder and president of the Insider Threat Management Group, LLC, which provides strategic cyber security and insider risk management advisory services and training to the private sector. He possesses over 15 years’ investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats and cyber intrusions and is widely sought-after for his unique expertise.

Mr. Thompson is a former federal prosecutor and senior government official who held executive positions with several agencies including the DOJ, FBI, DoD and DNI. As a seasoned risk management professional, author, experienced prosecutor, credentialed Special Agent, and trained analyst, his cyber security acumen is second to none. He is a pioneer in the field of cyber security and insider risk management, serving as a frequent guest speaker and thought leader on a variety of security topics.

Mr. Thompson serves as a trusted advisor for the highest levels of government as well as private sector C-suite and Board of Directors alike. He is a member of the Maryland Bar.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Shawn M. Thompson and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Insider threat legalese

Reading between the lines: the real impact of insider threat

Reading between the lines: the real impact of insider threat

Insider threats can have a profound impact on an organization. Beyond the lost value of the asset that was removed, disclosed or destroyed, organizations can suffer immediate losses of intrinsic value as well as lost revenue.

Legal incentives for spying on employees

Legal incentives for spying on employees

Monitoring employees is an uncomfortable issue for most companies and no one wants to be viewed as Big Brother. While everyone wants to trust employees, the decision to monitor must be made within the context of current regulatory and...

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