Scott Montgomery

Vice President, Intel Security Group Chief Technical Strategist

Scott A. Montgomery is vice president and chief technical strategist for the Intel Security Group at Intel Corporation. He manages the worldwide team of chief technology officers who lead the group’s various business units and is responsible for advancing technical innovation in Intel’s security solutions. Montgomery has dedicated his career to information security and privacy software development, gaining a breadth of expertise that spans endpoint protection, firewalls, intrusion prevention, encryption, vulnerability scanners, network visibility tools, mail and Web gateways, authentication, and embedded systems. He joined the Intel organization in 2011 with the acquisition of McAfee Inc., now a wholly owned subsidiary that operates as the Intel Security Group. Before assuming his current position in 2015, Montgomery was chief technology officer for McAfee’s public sector and Americas business units. He oversaw worldwide government certification efforts and worked with industry leaders, government leaders and public sector customers to help ensure that technologies, standards and implementations addressed data security and privacy challenges. His efforts helped drive government and cybersecurity requirements into McAfee products and services and guided the company’s policy strategy for the public sector, critical infrastructure and threat intelligence. Earlier in his career, Montgomery spent six years at Secure Computing Corporation (acquired by McAfee in 2008), where he was responsible for worldwide product management and corporate strategy. He attended Syracuse University.

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