Sarah D. Scalet

Sarah D. Scalet

Senior Editor

Sarah D. Scalet is a senior editor for CSO magazine, a contributor to CIO magazine and a noted expert on information security.

19 ways to build physical security into your data center

68 great ideas for running a security department

Supercharge your team, deliver more business value, identify better metrics, and so much more. A collection of practical ideas from leading CSOs and CISOs.

CSO's ultimate guide to business continuity and disaster recovery

Executive Guide PDF provides BC/DR practicals

The Executive Guide to Data Loss Prevention

Definitions, challenges, and implementation tips from the trenches. [PDF]

The Complete Guide to Security Breach Disclosure

Six-part set of articles takes 360-degree look at the implications of new laws that require organizations to notify people whose personal information has been compromised

Moody's Wants to Rate Security, Not Just Securities

A new Moody’s service aims to create the security world’s equivalent of Aaa to C ratings, replacing the need for companies to do vendor assessments. But it will only work if enough companies sign up.

Former USAF/NSA Code-breaker, Arabic Translator Reviews New Jihadist Toolkit

Encryption tools in ’Mujahedeen Secrets 2’ show a software development lifecycle with increasing level of sophistication, Jeff Bardin says

A Contrarian View of Social Networking

Sure, LinkedIn and Facebook present security, privacy and productivity challenges. But if the sites are so bad, then why have so many security and privacy leaders joined them?

Security Researcher Reveals His 'Promiscuous' Browser

Readers ask, is Internet Explorer the ‘promiscuous’ browser or the prudish one? Neither, Grossman responds

Alibaba's IPO and Other Mysteries

Why are investors so giddy about a counterfeiter's paradise?

Ram Charan: The Business of Security

Lynn Mattice, CSO of Boston Scientific, quizzes the man Fortune magazine calls "the most influential business consultant alive" about how security executives can better serve the business

The Personal Data Privacy Act

The Personal Data Privacy Act

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