Sarah D. Scalet

Sarah D. Scalet

Senior Editor

Sarah D. Scalet is a senior editor for CSO magazine, a contributor to CIO magazine and a noted expert on information security.

A Data Breach Disclosure Proposal

Two attorneys lead an online debate on how a federal breach disclosure law ought to look

Video Content Analysis: Look Smart

Video content analysis is getting better all the time, but it's still new enough that buyers should proceed with eyes wide open

3 Ways to Drive on the Internet

sidebar - Pipecleaners

Pipe Cleaners: Telcos Offer Managed Security Services

AT&T and other telcos want to clean up your Internet traffic - for a fee. A look inside in-the-cloud security services.

MSSP Liability: A Pipe Dream?

If a security incident occurs, is your MSSP liable for the damages?

What Banks Tell Customers About Their Online Security

Six months after the FFIEC's rules for strong authentication took effect, we test what the country's three biggest banks tell their customers about online security. It's not very encouraging.

ISO 2700: Security Asleep?

The ISO security standards--first ISO 17799, which is being replaced by ISO 27001 and 27002--are real yawners.

Legislative Tangle

While the federal government's push to trace the movement of drugs has been slowed, several states have stepped in with rules of their own.

HSPD-12: Slow Out of the Gate

Federal agencies are struggling to hit mandated deadlines for one-card employee identification and access.

The 5 Myths of RFID

Big pharma's RFID trials aim to keep fake drugs out of your medicine cabinetbut the technology has significant limitations.

How to Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment

Roger Johnston talks about how aliens, Elvis impersonators and your worst security users can help you find and fix security problems.

10 Rules for Responsible Investigations

Readers' best practices for making sure the sleuth work matches the allegation

All About the PCI Data Security Standard

More than just another data-security standard, the PCI program is corporate America's most ambitious effort yet to prove that it can self-regulate. But even a standard with everything going for it might not be enough to stop the loss...

Converging Physical and Cyber Security at Stop & Shop

Supermarket chain CISO John Kirkwood speaks out about the latest evidence of why physical security and information security can't be approached separately.

Hemanshu Nigam: Mr. Safety for MySpace

Can CSO Hemanshu Nigam make MySpace a safe neighborhood, without also making it an empty one?

Meet Hemanshu Nigam

A short profile of the man in charge of security for MySpace

A MySpace Time Line

Key events in the evolution of the social networking phenomenon

Organized Retail Theft: Legislation Snapshot

Recent measures related to organized retail crime.

Shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime: Mall Rats

John Talamo of The Limited knows exactly how profitable shoplifting can be. He explains the fight against organized retail crime.

2006: The Year of the Security Non-Event

It's not that nothing happened. It's worse than that.

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