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Sandra Gittlen is a freelance writer and editor in the greater Boston area. She covers a range of topics, including technology, business, healthcare, financial and lifestyle.

The FCC takes a best-of-breed approach to PaaS

Technology that predicts your next security fail

Technology that predicts your next security fail

There's both art and science to predictive analytics in a security setting, early adopters say.

Best practices for email security

Best practices for email security

6 ways to tighten up email policies and improve network security.

Revamping your insider threat program

Why it's important to do now, and factors to consider

Making a Bank Transparent

Even beyond the pain of IT layoffs and outsourcing, the job of CIO at State Street is huge.

Putting a Finger on Compliance Control

Last year, administrators in the City of Winter Park, Fla., realized they had a serious compliance risk in their police department. The FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division has regulations that call for tight access...

The Tech Tug-of-War

This week, I interviewed Joel Feldman, senior director of financial planning and analysis at baked goods company Otis Spunkmeyer. He talked about the move from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a SaaS-based system for budgeting....

Learning the Language of IT

In college, my French professor often said, the only way you're going to truly learn this language is if you go and live in a French-speaking country. The same may seem to apply to communication between finance and IT.

Want Finance and IT to Get Along? Make 'em Do Lunch

If anyone doubts the need for a critical alliance between finance and IT, go see Earl Fry. Fry, who is the CFO at data integration software and services firm Informatica, and has purview over IT, encourages his vice president of...

Informatica CFO Fry Sees a Cloud Bringing IT, Finance Closer

Earl Fry thinks of himself as the next generation of financial executive. As CFO for data integration software and services firm Informatica, NASDAQ traded as INFA, he not only oversees IT, but is compelled to be an active participant...

Start-Ups Offer Cool Tools to Ease IT's Pain

If you want to know what IT tools and technologies you'll be using in a few years, it pays to keep an eye on enterprise technology start-ups.

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