Samantha Manke

A security awareness success story

The recent Syrian Electronic Army attacks against IDG demonstrate that good security awareness works, say Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke

How to create awareness of the insider threat

Snowden causes companies to consider doing what was unthinkable

How to use Syrian Electronic Army attacks to improve security awareness

Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke suggest exploiting the Syrian Electronic Army and Target hacks to improve your organization's security awareness

How to create security awareness with incentives

Gamification is an alternative to pushing employees to improve security awareness. Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke offer tips for making incentives work for your program

4 ways metrics can improve security awareness programs

Looking for ways to prove the value of security awareness efforts in your organization? Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke break down four ways to use metrics as a way to measure your program's effectiveness

7 reasons for security awareness failure

Most security awareness programs are rife with problems, but it doesn't have to be that way. Eliminate these seven mistakes and be on your way to an effective program in your organization

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