Rick Cook

Does Patch Management Need Patching?

The bad guys have an easy target in those who don't deploy long-available patches.

Why SCADA Security Must Be Addressed

The threat to SCADA systems is largely hypothetical today, but experts see real incidents around the corner.

Pakistan's YouTube Showdown Highlights Larger Threat

When YouTube went offline for the better part of a day, it highlighted the fundamental insecurity of Internet routing, according to researchers and Internet registry officials.

Threat Watch | Cold Boot: Should New Attack on Encrypted Disks Change the Way Lawmakers Approach Disclosure Legislation 'Safe Harbors'?

Recent research from Princeton, McGraw Security Services illustrates how the lack of encryption specifications in legislation could put consumer data at risk.

Whaling Gets Real

Powered by social-networking sites and compromised corporate databases, super-targeted phishing attacks are moving from theory to practice. Here's how to understand this evolving information-security threat and protect your company...

Endpoint Security: How to Control USB Devices

Shopping for stronger USB port control? Some criteria to consider when it’s time to rein in thumb drives and other pesky critters

Security Researcher Promotes Concept of 'Safe' and 'Promiscuous' Web Browsers

A quick tip for keeping yourself safe online--if you don’t mind extreme web browsing

Threat Watch: Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Why a little-known web application vulnerability could cause big problems

PDF Spam Storm

Beware of PDF Vulnerabilities

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