Rich Mogull


Rich Mogull is a security analyst at Securosis. He's the security editor at TidBits and has been covering security for 20 years.

How FBI vs. Apple could cripple corporate and government security

How to Use Your IPad Securely

The iPad is one of the safest computing devices you can use. Its combination of hardware and software security translate to a device that's probably more secure than your PC or Mac--especially if you take the right steps to secure it....

Mac Defender: Pay Attention but Don't Panic

First, Apple releases a support note admitting that Mac Defender is indeed a problem, providing instructions on how to clean it, and announcing an upcoming patch to prevent it. Then a new version of the malware appears almost...

Protect your privacy: Take control of social networking

Maintaining privacy on social networks is much like hanging all your dirty laundry on a highway billboard--and then asking only your friends to look.

Protect your privacy

The CEO of a major technology company once famously opined that, in the Internet Age, "You have zero privacy. Get over it."

Protect your privacy: Browse the Web safely

When you browse the Web, it's like you've allowed a bunch of companies to implant a tracking device in your arm and a small camera in your head, recording where you go and what you look at.

Mac Security Reality Check: User Error

Some security problems are due to user error (or user laziness). It's not that hard to practice good system security on your Mac. But a surprising number of people--including some who should know better--don't. Here are some basic...

Rich Mogull: 7 Infosec Trends for 2009

Shrinking budgets, the collapse of the database security market, DLP going mainstream - the former Gartner pundit places his bets for the coming year. (Part of the What Happens Next security predictions series.)

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