Paul Kerstein

Free Service Scans for Open Source Java Bugs

Fortify Software and the FindBugs project launched a new, free service that will scan open-source Java software for bugs in the code.

Fake Internet Pharmacies Peddling Counterfeit Drugs

Criminal organizations are selling counterfeit prescription drugs.

New Attack Targets Microsoft Word

There’s now one more reason to be careful about opening Microsoft Office attachments.

Online Shopping Is Safe, Just Be Careful

A Michigan State University professor says that it's still safe to shop on the Internet, but that users should to be cautious and careful--year round.

Hackers Break Into Water System Network

An infected laptop gave hackers access to computer systems at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, water treatment plant earlier this month.

Security Vulnerability Found in Visual Studio 2005

A vulnerability in Visual Studio 2005 could let an attacker execute code on a targeted Windows machine.

Former McAfee Executive Settles With SEC For Fraud Suit

A former financial officer at McAfee has agreed to pay over $757,000 to settle fraud charges by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission.

StopSpamAlliance Puts Crosshairs On Spam

Spam faces a new foe with the formation of an international group to exchange tactics and legal information.

Microsoft IE7 Still Has Old Security Flaw

A security problem originally found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 browser has returned to haunt IE7.

Hewlett-Packard’s E-Mail Tracer in Widespread Use

A spokesman for the California attorney general’s office says that Hewlett-Packard’s use of Web bugs is not linked to the Oct. 4 indictments of five people.

Microsoft Releases Early Patch for IE Bug

With attackers finding new ways to exploit a critical flaw in Internet Explorer, Microsoft has released a patch for the problem.

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