Oliver Tavakoli

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Oliver Tavakoli is chief technology officer at Vectra, where his responsibilities include setting the company strategy which spans the security research and data science disciplines. He is a technologist who has alternated between working for large and small companies throughout his 30-year career.

Prior to joining Vectra, Oliver spent more than seven years at Juniper as chief technology officer for its security business. Oliver joined Juniper as a result of its acquisition of Funk Software, where he was CTO and better known as developer No. 1 for Steel-Belted Radius – you can ask him what product name came in second in the naming contest.

Prior to joining Funk Software, Oliver co-founded Trilogy Inc. and prior to that, he did stints at Novell, Fluent Machines and IBM. Throughout his career, Oliver has annoyed colleagues by his insistence that words be spelled correctly.

Oliver lives bi-coastally – he lives in California, but continues to harbor illusions of spending July and August "working" from his summer house on the New England coast. Oliver received an MS in mathematics and a BA in mathematics and computer science from the University of Tennessee.

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