Nancy Gohring


Nancy Gohring is a freelance journalist who started writing about mobile phones just in time to cover the transition to digital. She's written about PCs from Hanover, cellular networks from Singapore, wireless standards from Cyprus, cloud computing from Seattle and just about any technology subject you can think of from Las Vegas. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Computerworld, Wired, the Seattle Times and other well-respected publications.

Carrier IQ Hopes to Allay Users' Privacy Concerns

Carrier IQ executives said they hope that customers are once again recognizing the value of the data that their company's software collects, after some operators disabled the software following a privacy uproar late last year. The...

OK Labs, LG Working on Secure, Virtualized Phones for DoD

The companies are starting with the LG Prada Android phone

Microsoft Says Google Circumvents IE Privacy Policies Too

A researcher said Facebook and many others also use a loophole to get around browser privacy policies

Beware the Fake Megaupload Sites

Some sites that could be phishing operations claim to be the relaunched Megaupload

Anonymous Retaliates for Megaupload Shutdown, Attacks DOJ, Others

The hacker group Anonymous said it has taken down sites run by a number of government and content organizations

Twitter to Open Source Android Security Tech

TextSecure, an Android text messaging client for encrypting messages, is up on GitHub now and other products will follow

Google, Microsoft Teams Work to Keep Pace with Privacy Laws

The companies offered a glimpse at the work required to try to stay on top of data privacy issues

VirtualSharp to Enable Disaster Recovery to Public Clouds

It expects that public cloud providers will start offering the service in the first quarter

Verizon Says it Doesn't Use Carrier IQ Software

Also, Carrier IQ has repeated its assertion that the mobile-phone software doesn't collect personal information

Twitter Scoops Up Mobile Security Developer Whisper Systems

Software from Whisper Systems offers full disk encryption and other security software for Android phones

Regulators Sniffing Around Mobile Privacy Issues

Microsoft said it doesn't want to be in the position of enforcing privacy in apps running on Windows Phones

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