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Mitch Betts is an executive editor at IDG Enterprise. He was previously executive editor of CIO and Computerworld magazines.

ArcSight vs. Splunk? Why you might want both

Report: Security teams plagued by poorly managed identity data

Report: Security teams plagued by poorly managed identity data

Security teams handling Identity and access management (IAM) are hampered by dirty data and need data-cleansing help from a chief data officer, according to TechVision Research. To learn more, download the free report “Getting Your...

The Light Bulb Becomes an IT Appliance

Networks of LED lights will become one part of computerized building systems that use sensors and chips to reduce energy consumption, says an IDC analyst.

How to Deliver Difficult News to Your CEO

CIOs who have to deliver bad news to the boss might want to adopt communication techniques used by hospice care providers.

Cultural Barriers Stymie IT-Led Innovation

The IT department won't be able to lead business innovation projects if it has a bad reputation, says CA evangelist Steve Romero.

BI Tools Can Help Evaluate Green Programs

Business intelligence systems can be used to analyze data about a company's progress in meeting its environmental goals.

Enterprise App Stores: a Good Idea?

In theory, an enterprise app store would allow employees to easily download the software they need, but the idea faces many hurdles, a Gartner analyst says.

WikiLeaks triggers IT security angst

Security gaps could make businesses vulnerable to the same types of unauthorized disclosures plaguing the U.S. Department of State.

Programmers At High Risk of Insomnia

Insomnia is bad news for software engineers' mental health and deserves greater attention, according to the authors of a study in India.

Global brands snap up .co domain names

Figuring the good .com domain names are already taken, major companies are registering the newly available Internet domain names ending in .co.

Gartner: CIOs Should Plan for Recession No. 2

Gartner says CIOs should develop a list of IT projects that could be postponed or canceled -- if there's a second recession in the next 12 to 18 months.

E-health flaws could increase legal liability

Two professors warn that the use of electronic health record systems could leave health care providers vulnerable to malpractice charges if those systems have software bugs or are used incorrectly.

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