Michael Goldberg

Six Sigma Security: The Process Payoff

GE CSO Francis Taylor drives security changes with Six Sigma

Questions After Virginia Tech Tragedy

In the midst of an uncertain and dangerous situation, how do you assess the scope of the risk?

Six Sigma Security: Three Examples of Process Gains

GE CSO Francis Taylor finds the payoff in process improvements

Paul Bremer: Security and Iraq

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III served as President George W. Bush’s lead representative in Iraq as the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) -- the chief executive officer for the country. On March 19 2007, the fourth...

Employee Hotline Calls Usually Warrant Investigation

Whistleblowers typically aren't whistling Dixie

Most Calls to Confidential Hotlines Spur Investigations

A new report analyzing more than 180,000 calls collected by a confidential hotline service that consists of 550 organizations found that in the majority of cases, the callers reported information that warranted an investigation.

The Security Blotter

Breaches, scams and other recent incidents of note

Execs Share Tips on Communicating Security Investments

Communicating the importance of security investments to top business executives is hard to do when you can't assign a ready number to a loss that was prevented.

The Shipping News: Security Pays Off

Supply chain security

CFOs Not Happy with Information Security (Yet)

CFOs hard to please regarding information security

Afterthought Security

What happens when a data breach affects 26 million veterans? Plenty.

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