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Mary Brandel is a contributing writer for Computerworld, covering a variety of IT technology and management issues.

So, you want to be a security pro? Read this first

The ultimate hackathon survival guide

The ultimate hackathon survival guide

Name a city, pick a date, and you’ll likely find a nearby hackathon, whether you’re in Des Moines, Iowa, or Yerevan, Armenia.

ERM: The basics

An introduction to ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) for security, IT and operational risk professionals. ISO and COSO frameworks; risk measurement and prioritization; mini-case studies and real-world ERM examples.


Database security: At rest, but not at risk

Data at rest is data at risk, as the old saying goes. These database security tools and strategies can help you fight back.

What I learned when I left security

Four perspectives on executive communication from security experts who moved on to other business roles

How to fight check fraud

Tight relationships with law-enforcement agencies are the key to tracking down and prosecuting check fraud criminals, says TeleCheck's Charles Andrews

APT in action: The Heartland breach

Heartland Payment Systems CTO Kris Herrin talks about the attack that changed his views on data security

9 secrets of getting stuff done in a big company

Even well-run organizations can be political, inflexible and resistant to new ideas. How do you accomplish anything when you're facing those challenges? Here are 9 ways to achieve your security goals.

Getting stuff done: Public vs private sector edition

Veteran security leader Alan Nutes on the key difference between public and private organizations

Lessons in security leadership: David Komendat

Vice president and CSO, Boeing

Lessons in security leadership: William Phillips

VP and chief security and safety officer, CNA Insurance

Lessons in security leadership: Jennifer Bayuk

Security consultant and founder of Jennifer L. Bayuk LLC, formerly senior managing director, CISO, Bear Stearns

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