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The top 10 tech stories of 2016: Post-PC, post-reality

NSA spy program targets mobile networks worldwide

NSA spy program targets mobile networks worldwide

The NSA has conducted a covert campaign to intercept internal communications of operators and trade groups in order to infiltrate mobile networks worldwide, according to the latest revelations from documents supplied by Edward Snowden....

NSA hacked into servers at Huawei headquarters, reports say

The US government agency also gained information to place backdoors on networking equipment, according to leaked documents

Tech Stories of 2011: Jobs, Android and Anonymous Rank in Top 10

AT&T-T-Mobile, HP boardroom drama redux, earthquake aftershocks, Egypt going offline also make top headlines

MasterCard Gives Sneak Peek Into Mobile Payments Future

The availability of Google Wallet will be announced within weeks

Wall Street Beat: Tech Sector Off to Strong Start in Q1

A Who's Who of IT bellwethers including Apple, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm issued strong financial reports this week, the height of earnings season, reinforcing forecasts for a strong year for the tech sector.

Wall Street Beat: IBM, Apple Riding High

Passing the second anniversary of the Great Recession's market low this week, the technology sector remains a pillar for corporate revenue and investor confidence, as industry bellwethers like IBM and Apple make impressive share gains....

Wall Street Beat: Tablets, Big Data Shape IT Economics

News from Apple and Teradata along with various economic forecasts this week show that at seemingly opposite ends of the technology-product spectrum, non-PC mobile devices and IT capable of handling extremely high volumes of data are...

Wall Street Beat: Enterprise Trumps Consumer IT Sales

Repeating what has been a familiar pattern for the past six months, tech earnings and market forecasts this week show that while enterprise IT sales, especially for software, are booming, consumer demand for PCs is flagging.

Bank of America cuts services for WikiLeaks

Bank of America has joined the growing list of financial and technology companies that have cut off services to WikiLeaks, a move that comes amid speculation that the whistleblower site is preparing to release information about the...

Top 10 Stories of 2010: Living in the Post-PC World

It would be foolhardy to proclaim the death of the PC in a year in which Windows 7 was key to record quarterly sales for Microsoft. The top stories of 2010, however, show that the PC for many people around the world has already become...

Wall Street Beat: Tech Stocks Hit Yearly High

Tech stocks hit a yearly high in U.S. markets Thursday as industry watchers pored over upbeat reports about server shipments and online spending, but ongoing worries about unemployment continue to dog businesses in all sectors of the...

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