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Virtualization, cloud complicate insider threats for federal CIOs

Virtualization, cloud complicate insider threats for federal CIOs

The expansion and blurring of the traditional government network environment require federal IT officials to rethink contracting processes and embrace real-time security monitoring.

Federal CIOs must reframe security around data, access

Federal CIOs must reframe security around data, access

An ambitious government IT push toward cloud, mobile and shared services stokes concerns about security challenges from insider threats and disappearing network boundaries.

Cyber Threat Protections vs. Personal Data Privacy

A controversial cybersecurity bill that would seek to improve the sharing of threat information between businesses and the government has cleared a House committee and appears headed for a debate on the floor next week. The Cyber...

NSA: We need to see what's going on

The military's top cyber official this week made an urgent appeal for Congress to pass computer-security legislation, warning that the current legal framework discourages private-sector firms from sharing vital information about...

FTC Online Privacy Protection Campaign Kicks Into High Gear

As the Federal Trade Commission continues its work in evaluating the privacy practices of businesses in the Internet age, agency staffers are focusing not only on what personal information companies are collecting and how they're...

Are Foreign Cloud Providers Exploiting Privacy Concerns?

A panel of technology officials Wednesday warned members of a House subcommittee about the challenges of overseas expansion confronting the burgeoning cloud computing market, including privacy and security concerns and efforts by...

Feds Warn of Cyber Threats, Seek Expanded Authority for DHS

Federal cybersecurity officials on Wednesday gave lawmakers a sobering warning about the vulnerabilities of critical information technology systems across the public and private sectors, describing a laundry list of threats and the...

FTC Issues Privacy Report, Calls for Do-Not-Track Tool

The Federal Trade Commission on Monday released the long-awaited final version of its report on online consumer privacy, issuing a set of recommendations broadly consistent with an earlier draft, including a call for a do-not-track...

McCain, GOP Leaders Intro Cybersecurity Bill Alternative

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SOPA, PIPA Opponents Prepare for Capitol Hill Piracy Showdown

Opponents of controversial anti-piracy legislation are gearing up for a major fight in both the House and the Senate as they press for support for an alternative bill they say would avoid draconian measures that, if enacted, could...

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