Jon King

Security Technologist and Intel Principal Engineer

Jon King is a security technologist and Intel Principal Engineer in the Intel Security Office of the CTO, where he is researching and working on future security challenges. Jon is a seasoned developer and architect with over 20 years of industry experience, and a 10-year Intel Security veteran. Jon was the architect of Intel Security's ePolicy Orchestrator product for many years, and he specializes in large distributed systems. He has a Master's degree in parallel and distributed computing from Oregon State University, and a Bachelor's in computer science and physics.

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Cloud vs. Cloud

One Day Is a Lifetime in Container Years

As container lifespans decrease, strong security policies become increasingly important. Here’s why.

Container Sprawl: The Next Great Security Challenge

Containers, the younger and smaller siblings of virtualization, are more active and growing faster than a litter of puppies. Recent stats for one vendor show containers now running on 10% of hosts, up from 2% 18 months ago....

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