Jason Hoenich

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Jason Hoenich is a security awareness expert most recognized for the world-class programs he created for companies like The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, and Activision Blizzard., as well as the creator of Habitu8’s wildly popular and infectiously funny Hashtag Awareness video series.

He is currently the founder and Chief Product Officer for Habitu8, a security awareness training & content startup in Los Angeles, CA. Habitu8 helps companies build killer security awareness programs using their funny video content and proven security awareness strategy.

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Hacking security awareness: the program-changing magic of the advisory board

5 mistakes I’ve made (and how to avoid them)

5 mistakes I’ve made (and how to avoid them)

Pulling from his years of building programs for The Walt Disney Company & Sony Pictures, Jason shares his own mistakes building security awareness and provides guidance on how to avoid them in your own security awareness programs.

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