VMware: Why CISOs Are Looking to Lateral Security to Mitigate Ransomware

Traditional malware increasingly takes advantage of ChatGPT for attacks

As exploits against vulnerabilities increase overall, Palo Alto Networks' research unit has observed a jump in attempts to mimic ChatGPT through squatting domains.

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ChatGPT creates mutating malware that evades detection by EDR

Mutating, or polymorphic, malware can be built using the ChatGPT API at runtime to effect advanced attacks that can evade endpoint detections and response (EDR) applications.

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Only one in 10 CISOs today are board-ready, study says

A report from cybersecurity firm IANS finds that more than half of public companies lack even one qualified director with cybersecurity expertise.


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Lacework’s new CIEM uses ML to fish out high-risk identities

The new CIEM will merge with existing threat detection capabilities to consolidate Lacework’s cloud security offering.

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OWASP lists 10 most critical large language model vulnerabilities

The list highlights the impact and prevalence of the 10 most critical vulnerabilities found in artificial intelligence applications based on LLMs.

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Cloud misconfiguration causes massive data breach at Toyota Motor

Vehicle data and customer information were exposed for over eight years due to a cloud misconfiguration at Toyota Motor that impacted over 260,000 customers.

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Department of Defense AI principles have a place in the CISO’s playbook

The American defense establishment has put in place some very useful guidelines that CISOs can easily translate and incorporate into their own policies on handling artificial intelligence.

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Shadow IT is increasing and so are the associated security risks

Shadow IT — tech brought into an organization without the security team’s knowledge — continues to be a threat. Managing visibility through increased vigilance and employee education can help mitigate its dangers.

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Clop ransomware gang exploits the MOVEit Transfer vulnerability to steal data

At least one organization, UK payroll provider Zellis, has confirmed a breach via the MOVEit utility.

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Atomic Wallet hack leads to at least $35M in stolen crypto assets

The biggest victim of the cryptocurrency hack on Atomic Wallet was an individual who reportedly lost $7.95 million in Tether. 


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SAFE Security claims to predict data breaches with new generative AI offering

SAFE Security’s Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds generates likelihoods for different risk scenarios based on an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

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CISOs, IT lack confidence in executives’ cyber-defense knowledge

Cybercriminals target senior executives, but IT security professionals say these executives are unprepared to defend their devices, software, and home network.

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Governments worldwide grapple with regulation to rein in AI dangers

As generative AI revolutionizes tech, governments around the world are trying to come up with regulations that encourage its benefits while minimizing risks such as bias and disinformation.

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10 notable critical infrastructure cybersecurity initiatives in 2023

How vendors, governments, industry bodies, and nonprofits are contributing to increasing the cyber resilience of critical national infrastructure this year.

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Federal cyber incidents reveal challenges of implementing US National Cybersecurity Strategy

As federal government cybersecurity incidents continue to mount, the Biden administration's National Cybersecurity Strategy should help, although experts say implementing it won't be easy.