Jamie Tischart

CTO Cloud/SaaS, Intel Security

Jamie Tischart is the CTO for Cloud/SaaS (Security as a Service) and is responsible for leading the creation of Intel Security's future generation Cloud solutions and creating sustainable competitive advantage. He has been with Intel Security for over 10 years, in a wide variety of technical roles including Sr. Director of Cloud Engineering, Operations & Research and Sr. Director McAfee Labs - Quality Engineering and Operations. Prior to joining then McAfee, Tischart held several executive, QA architect, management and engineering positions at such companies as MX Logic, Blackbaud, Openwave, Newbridge Networks and Corel. Tischart holds an MBA from Aspen University. He lives with his family in Colorado where he pursues his passions for SaaS Development, DevOps, Cloud Operations along with Agile Coaching and Quality Engineering Leadership, while enjoying skiing, writing and hockey. He is an active volunteer for organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver, Inc. and Food Bank of the Rockies.

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