Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packard's marketing website TechBeacon.

5 tips for better enterprise security

5 tips for better enterprise security

Do your security policies and procedures actually promote better security, or is your company only looking for known malware and ignoring the human factor? It’s a tricky balancing act that trips up many organizations.

5 things you should know about cyber insurance

5 things you should know about cyber insurance

As more companies step in to offer insurance coverage against a broad range of cyber losses, we break down five points that organizations should keep in mind as they consider their options.

Tech groups press Congress to pass USA Freedom Act

Tech groups press Congress to pass USA Freedom Act

As Congress returned from summer recess Monday, several technology and civil rights groups quickly renewed their push for a bill that seeks to put curbs on the bulk collection of phone records and Internet data by the government.

Home Depot breach could be as big as Target's

Home Depot breach could be as big as Target's

In what could turn out to be another huge data breach, Home Depot on Tuesday confirmed that it is investigating a potential compromise of credit card and debit card data belonging to an unspecified number of customers.

Healthcare organizations still too lax on security

Data breach at Community Health is symptom of broader problem, security experts say

Supervalu breach shows why move to smartcards is long overdue

U.S. remains one of the last developed nations to use magnetic stripe cards

Tennessee firm blames bank for $193K cybertheft

TEC Industrial sues TriSummit bank for failing to spot fraudulent wire transfers

Cybersecurity should be professionalized

It's time to institute national standards and licensing requirements for cybersecurity professionals, Pell Center says

Attackers exploit remote access tools to compromise retail systems

DHS warns retailers of threat to point-of-sale systems

CISOs still struggle for respect from peers

Despite greater security awareness, most C-suite executives continue to undervalue CISOs, survey shows.

There's still a security disconnect on BYOD

Companies are implementing BYOD security policies, but surveys find that many workers aren't following them

New docs show DHS was more worried about critical infrastructure flaw in '07 than it let on

Homeland Security mistakenly releases info on 'Aurora' test in response to unrelated FOIA request

NSA defends collecting data from U.S. residents not suspected of terrorist activities

Spokeswoman says spy agency has long said some of the data it intercepts belonging to non-suspects

Hackers hit more businesses through remote access accounts

More lessons in why companies must monitor third-party access to their networks

Groups fear bill would allow free flow of data between private sector and NSA

Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 is a big threat to individual privacy, say privacy groups

Google's move into home automation means even less privacy

Plans by subsidiary Nest to share info with the search giant is the tip of the iceberg

Security skills shortage is real, and it's not going away anytime soon

Companies face a number of short-term challenges, RAND Corp. says

Bill to require warrant for email searches gains ground in House

So far, 218 members have co-sponsored the measure

Target finally gets its first CISO

That it often takes a data breach to get one is a sad reality for many companies, analyst says

Most U.S. credit cards will have microchips by end of 2015

Card issuers are moving full steam ahead with migration to EMV standard, Aite Group says

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