Jacek Materna

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Jacek Materna is a technology evangelist and cyber security expert with more than 15 years experience. As CTO of Assembla, Jacek leads the strategic vision for the company’s technology practice.

In this role Jacek consults frequently with customers to better understand needs and concerns regarding the future of Version Control and how Assembla can best help meet those needs.

Prior to Assembla, Jacek was the SVP of Engineering at Securelogix, where he led product development for the VoIP and SIP Security software business. Earlier in his career, Jacek founded a number of technology businesses in and around VoIP security. Jacek holds patents in the space and writes frequently on topics such as enterprise cloud version control, compliance, data security, game development and cloud software development.

Jacek regularly advises South Texas incubators helping to grow the next generation of security and compliance companies.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Jacek Materna and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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