Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff is an investigative journalist and analyst focused on computer crime and security. She is currently in production on her first cyber thriller, Breaking Backbones, with Archway Publishing.

Uber breach case a ‘watershed moment’ for CISOs’ liability risk

Who should be responsible for financial fraud?

Improvements in payment protections are shifting the liability for fraud to the least-secure party

Pentagon Taps Contractors for ID Card Help

Having issued 3.3 million physical and logical access cards that are a precursor to those mandated under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, the Defense Department last year began turning its attention to authenticating...

Polymorphic Malware: A Threat That Changes on the Fly

Polymorphic malware changes shape to fool detection schemes

Watch Out for PHP Holes

By the end of last year, some 2,100 PHP-related vulnerabilities existed in the ISS database of known vulnerabilities.

How to Prevent, Detect or Remove Rootkits

What you need to know about rootkits

Federated Identity Management: Flying Duo

Boeing and Southwest's partnership teams federated identity management with Web-based application access

Why Identity Management

Ultimately IDM can pay off in time and money

Identity Management in the Real World

What's identity management? Ask 20 vendors, get 20 answers. But CSOs aren't waiting for a universal definition; they're busy tackling whatever projects meet their business needs.

Hold The Phone

The telecommunications industry has had its own sort of Information Sharing and Analysis Center ever since 1984, when the government set up a federal emergency telecom office. Several iterations later, the telecom industry's disaster...

Security Simulations: This Is Only A Test

Security simulations and tabletop exercises help CSOs practice and plan the best response for worst-case scenarios.

Details: A Scenarios Played Out In The Financial Services ISAC Tabletop Exercise In April

For security simulations

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