A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

CISA kicks off ransomware vulnerability pilot to help spot ransomware-exploitable flaws

The CISA pilot program will notify organizations of vulnerabilities that can lead to ransomware attacks, with small organizations the primary beneficiaries.


BianLian ransomware group shifts focus to extortion

The shift in the operating model comes as a result of Avast’s release of a decryption tool that allowed a victim of BianLian ransomware gang to decrypt and recover their files without paying the ransom.

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7 guidelines for identifying and mitigating AI-enabled phishing campaigns

Phishing has always been a thorn in the side of enterprise cybersecurity, and recent AI developments such as ChatGPT are making things even worse. Here are some guidelines for dealing with the increasingly sophisticated phishing...


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Two Patch Tuesday flaws you should fix right now

Vulnerabilities affecting both Outlook for Windows and Microsoft SmartScreen were patched recently — both could have wide-ranging impact.

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Cybersecurity startups to watch for in 2023

These startups are jumping in where most established security vendors have yet to go.

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UK bans TikTok on government devices over data security fears

The UK has joined international partners in banning social media app TikTok from government electronic devices over concerns the Chinese-owned app could pose a security risk.

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When and how to report a breach to the SEC

Publicly traded companies will have to make decisions and prepare for the reporting of cybersecurity breaches to the Securities and Exchange Commission when new requirements are enacted.

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Why red team exercises for AI should be on a CISO's radar

As AI increasingly becomes part of systems under development, CISOs need to start considering the cyber risks that may originate from such systems and treat it like any traditional application, including running red team exercises.

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Russian hacktivist group targets India’s health ministry

The Phoenix group claims to have access to all hospital systems in India and information on hospital employees and chief physicians.


Dell beefs up security portfolio with new threat detection and recovery tools

Dell Technologies has added improved MDR capabilities, cloud-based component verification, and a new cyber recovery solution along with a partnered threat management offering.


The shadow of hand unsettlingly hovers over a keyboard.

Cybercriminals target SVB customers with BEC and cryptocurrency scams

Security researchers have found that threat actors have already registered domains and pages to carry out the attacks.

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Palo Alto Networks announces new SD-WAN features for IoT security, compliance support

Palo Alto Networks is introducing advanced URL filtering to help prevent unknown and evasive man-in-the-middle (MitM) and SaaS platform phishing attacks.

Conceptual image of a network labeled 'Zero Trust.'

Beyond Identity launches Zero Trust Authentication to align verification with zero-trust principles

Zero Trust Authentication is designed to negate the shortcomings of traditional authentication methods with features including passwordless capability and phishing resistance.

Palo Alto Networks

Trustwave teams up with Trellix for better managed security

Cybersecurity companies Trustwave and Trellix say they want to help end users simplify their systems in the face of a complicated threat environment.

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DNS data shows one in 10 organizations have malware traffic on their networks

Akamai report highlights how widespread malware threats remain, noting the dangers of threats specific to DNS infrastructure.